A big hearty thank you goes to all who participated in #NationalAgDay last week. It’s great to see growers and farmers show what their profession means to them.  Also, we want to hear about how you grow your own food and prepare your meals. Visit FarmingForumSite.com: We always want to hear from our readers about their homemade recipes. Feel to share.

And finally… let’s be honest. Were you able to get any work done Thursday or Friday afternoon last week? If you are a college basketball fan in North Carolina, Kentucky or most anywhere else in the country, your answer is probably, “Of course, I did… sorta.” Don’t worry… it’s that time of the year when the NCAA Tournament aka March Madness consumes us all.

But if you were like me and your bracket prediction is ripped to shreds, it’s back to focusing on work, which means lots of growing preparation. This March issue features many topics including post-soil test prep, defending against anthracnose and making your fungicides last.

Be sure to visit GrowingMagazine.com for more news and updates in the world of commercial growing. Cheers!