Mike Freeze


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of shadowing my colleague and horticultural veteran Sally Benson at Cultivate ’15 this month. Sally, editorial director of American Nurseryman, took the time with me to discuss some of the opportunities we have as members of the new Ag Group.
As an editor of Growing, I figured there wasn’t much for me to take in during this major horticultural event. Boy, was I wrong? The more Sally and I were walking the floor, the more I realized that there’s a lot to share with our magazines. To me, that’s what makes the forming of Grand View Media’s Ag Group more viable. The Ag Group consists of Growing, FARMING, American Nurseryman and Tree Services.
These stable of magazines are perfectly positioned to provide adequate coverage of the agriculture industry. The four books would resemble a perfectly crafted Venn diagram of agricultural topics. As FARMING and Growing covers the farming and commercial growing industry, American Nurseryman concentrates on the horticultural world alongside Tree Services that focuses on woodlot and arbor professionals.
During Cultivate, Sally and I walked the floor and chatted with many vendors and attendees who graced the pages of American Nurseryman. Additionally pleasing was the general conversations I had with them about growing techniques. Most of them led to story ideas down the road as well as other partnerships. After one conversation, Sally gave me a look as to say, “I think we stumbled upon something…”
Going forward this year and on to 2016, our group is positioned to make a great footprint for the Ag world, and we’re champing at the bit to get started. There are a lot of fresh ideas that are coming to fruition with a great team that’s providing the timely execution to make it happen. Needless to say, I’m excited for the future and I hope that translates through our pages in the days ahead.
Once again, thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to visit GrowingMagazine.com and let’s keep the conversation going.