Mike Freeze


As the May issue of Growing makes its way to our mailboxes this week, I’m patiently waiting for my batch of green vegetables to grow. “A watched pot never boils” takes on a whole different meaning when it comes to my garden. I spent last weekend firing blank stares at my little plot of greens as they started their maturation. My wife thinks I’m nuts, but it’s my favorite—and hardest—part of the growing process.

I’ve grown up to believe that the opposite of sight is not blindness, but faith. The process of growing is a great example of this. Generally speaking, we’ve been taught to dump the planting soil, lay the seeds down then add a thin layer of more planting soil, water regularly and watch your plants grow. The faith part is knowing what you’re sowing is going to reap in the form of a harvest. You can’t see it but you know it’s coming. That’s a simple explanation of how I see it. I know that if I tend to my garden, then I will see my work pay off and I’ll have my little crops for summer eating.

However year after year, I still get anxious about my plots and worry whether my green onions and others will make it this season. And like every year, my worries are subsided by a full, fresh batch of growth that I have to give away due to its abundance throughout the summer. I guess it’s part of the deal as a grower. I should try to follow my own advice this year and not make the waiting so hard.

But enough about me. I’m sure your garden and issues concerning it are well bigger than mine. Matter of fact, if you do have issues, check out our new Ag Industry Guide. Find products for your specific industry for whatever need you have. You can search by product category, brand, or GrowingMagazine.com.

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