Be on Watch

The WatchDog Frost Alert from Spectrum Technologies, Inc. offers a range of features to ensure users have up-to-the-minute alerts for critical field situations.

The WatchDog provides essential frost alerts and features an LCD display for current temperature, signal strength and more. Other features include a keypad for user setup of temperature threshold and system test operation; relay terminal connections to control an external device; 6-foot external temperature sensor and NEMA 4 (IP66) enclosure.

The unit offers an effective temperature range from minus 22 to 140 degrees F.

Producing Powerful Peanuts

Nickel MSC is a new liquid fertilizer formulation from NIPAN LLC for peanuts containing nickel, manganese, copper and sulfur. Applied midseason to harvest, Nickel MSC strengthens peanut pegs, increasing harvest efficiency and yield. Foliar application of nickel can improve rhizobium nodulation and nitrogen utilization.