Marketing is a piece of your business. It’s the opportunity to be creative, fun and informative at the same time. I have learned a lot during the last 15 years at Moose River Media (, working with great people. As an associate publisher of Growing (, I enjoy learning something new every day from those who serve the growing industry.

For instance, I had the chance to peek behind the scenes of my son Paul’s business and discover the importance of signage. He and his soon-to-be wife Amanda own a sign shop, The Sign Depot, ( I have spent hours watching customers brainstorm and collaborate with Paul and Amanda on ideas that translate to beautiful signs, brochures, business cards and wraps for company vehicles to represent their businesses. Long hours are spent in preparation and execution. Witnessing them enjoying the harvest of their labor is a joy to watch.

The marketing of your service or product is critical for business. I hope it’s not an afterthought for you. Have you seen the more creative signs displaying where a market or farmstand is located? It certainly grabs your attention. It may pique enough curiosity for you to stop by. In some cases, if you have no sign, you have no business. Period. Speaking of farmstands, be sure to check out our Farmstand Supplies & Value Added Products April 2014 issue: (

The way you present your business is on the mind of the end users as much as information about your product. Recognizing that is the key to becoming successful. When thinking about different ideas, as many of us do, we purchase vehicles, equipment, etc. The next time you’re given the keys to your new ride, look at the keychain.

I’ll wait.

What do you see? Let me guess… There’s something hanging that displays the dealership’s information. If they’re a good salesperson, that little thing would also have THEIR contact information so you know EXACTLY who to call. That’s a fun way to be informative. All services should be this way. To me, with a new purchase of any product and service, you should spend quality time with the salesperson before you finish the deal!

I communicate with advertisers and readers for every issue of Growing Magazine to help bring you information that is creative, fun and informative about the best products so we are all more successful in our industry. By the way, another important aspect of marketing is feedback. I would love yours! Feel free to email me:

Hope you are having a great summer!