Mike Freeze


When my nephews and nieces were hanging out in my backyard garden, they glanced upon the growth of my cilantro. My niece was particularly impressed with the length and proclaimed, “They’re poppin’!”I guess that’s what the kids are saying these days. Then I thought to myself, “They sure are!” In fact, there’s a lot of things in Growing that could fit that phrase.

Like my niece, our associate publisher Stephanie Schartner definitely shares her enthusiasm for life and growing. If I were to ask her about… say… the Ag Industry Guide, she would proclaim that it is “poppin’!” too. And I agree!

Why? It’s a one-stop source for your growing and business needs. Our new directory will help with all aspects from soil preparation to having effective business sense. I know that Stephanie is excited about our new guide, as well as I am.

Check out the online edition, give Stephanie a call (802-745-1204) or email her (SSchartner@MooseRiverMedia.com) and request a copy. We’d love to put one in the mail to you today!