Here is a List of 7 Best Chainsaws in 2021



Are you in need of a powerful chainsaw of good quality for some cutting work on your property? Well, you are in luck! Chainsaws are very handy tools for cutting trees and wood, and modern people find it unbelievable to think about how this word was ever done without them. When you own a good chainsaw, it will save you valuable time and energy while cutting and logging. Over the years, chainsaw technology has improved a lot, like any other technology for that matter. As a result, they are the strongest, fastest, and safest they have ever been. In this article, we will go over some of the best models you can get in 2021.

1. OREGON CS250-S6 Chainsaw


The first model on the list is a fantastic one with many high tech features. This is a machine of moderate power, but a high inconvenience. Since it is cordless, it is very easy to move around and your maneuverability, while you cut wood, is unlimited. Furthermore, the chainsaw has a 1.25Ah battery, which makes it run long enough for your work to be done, 60 minutes in total. It does a great job while cutting and you will not experience poorly cut pieces. The most important features include a 14-inch bar, an automated oiling system, and an inbuilt sharpening system. Last but not least, the chainsaw weighs 9.3 pounds.

2. Greenworks 20312 ChainSaw


The second entry is another fantastic battery-powered chainsaw. This one, however, has a much more powerful and longer-lasting 4.0Ah Lithium-Ion battery that gives it 120 minutes of juice on a single full charge. The performance is impressive, while the features are among the best for such a model. There is a 16’’ bar present, which easily powers through long cuts with tremendous ease. The weight is 10.36 pounds, and the chainsaw uses a brushless motor.

3. Ego Power Chainsaw


We continue the trend of convenient chainsaws to begin the list. Here is one more cordless model that runs on a battery. This one combines a 2.5Ah lithium-ion battery with a powerful brushless motor, as well as a 14-bar. This strong combination delivers an effective and efficient performance during every log cutting session. If you need a great light-duty chainsaw, look no further. The construction is completely resistant to water, it weighs 11.4 pounds, while the total speed is 6800 rpm. The bar is reverse drive enabled, and the chainsaw has a low-kickback with a brake and tension adjustment.

4. MAKITA UC4051A Chainsaw


Although battery-powered chainsaws tend to have moderate power, this hardly means they are weak or that they have problems doing the work they are meant to. Whatever the case, this MAKITA model does not require such concerns, as it is an electric chainsaw that uses a 16’’ bar and gives you tremendous power. It is a top-rated chainsaw used extensively by professionals and heavy-duty users. Arguably, it is the best electric model on the list. There is an inbuilt current limiter and a large oil reservoir inbuilt. The total weight is 15.7 pounds, which makes it the heaviest on the list. This model features a tool-less tension adjustment, an electric chain braking system, as well as an automated sharpening system.

5. Greenworks 20222 Chainsaw


Here is another Greenworks model on our list. This incredible chainsaw manages to deliver amazing power and convenience, which is rare among chainsaws. There are an electric motor present and a 14’’ bar. Although this might be small for some, rest assured that the power is still great, as the chainsaw will have no problem tackling thick logs. Numerous other exciting features are included, like a 9amps electric motor, tool-less chain tension adjustment, and the chain equipped with a wrap-around handle. The weight of this model is approximately 8 pounds.

6. WORX WG303.1 Chainsaw


This is the ultimate chainsaw if you want raw power. It is equipped with a 14.5 Amps motor, and it has been designed for tough and heavy-duty situations. Professionals and those who cut a lot will benefit from it the most. It is truly a pleasure working with such a powerful tool. Core features include a 200ml oil reservoir, automated braking, and anti-kickback systems, as well as automatic tension adjustment and lubrication system. Overall, this WORX chainsaw weighs 11 pounds.

7. BLACK DECKER LCS-1240 Chainsaw


The last chainsaw on this list is by a famous brand of home and yard care, Black Decker. Their LCS-1240 chainsaw is a battery-powered chainsaw, meaning it is another maneuverable model easy to control, store, and use. A 2Ah lithium-ion battery powers this model, which was designed for light yard work and an occasional longer cutting session. The power is moderate, and the bar is only 12”. It has a tool-free tension adjustment and an automatic oiling system. The weight of this chainsaw is 10.4 pounds.

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