Hot to Properly Grow and Care for a Cherry Tree?

Are you thinking about growing your own cherry tree plants? People grow this special tree for two reasons, either the delicious fruit, the beautiful blossom state during springtime. In either case, read on to learn more about cherry trees.

Growing a Cherry Tree

The cherry tree requires well-drained and fertile soil in order to thrive. They are quite susceptible to root rot, so a soil with good drainage is crucial. Around eight hours of sunlight each day is necessary, so never plant them where there is shade, or under other trees.

Cherry trees are self-pollinators and therefore do not require a second tree to give fruit. If you opt for the sweet variety, however, you will need a couple of trees for proper pollination to take place.

Cherry Tree

Always plant your cherry trees in the higher ground, because low-lying areas get more frost in early spring. The blossoms are especially susceptible to frost damage, which will lover the fruit crop. Sweet cherry trees bloom earlier, so they are even more in danger of frost damage.

Try to remember to have the trees pruned for a good harvest of fruit. Properly pruned trees produce better and healthier fruit and more of it.

Harvesting the Cherry Tree

Birds also love cherries, so you will either have to share or cover the tree with netting. Sometimes, scare devices will also work.

It is good advice to taste the cherries before picking them all. Sour cherries are quite soft and juicy when ripe. The sweet variety is ready when their color is uniform, with a sweet flavor and meaty fruit.

Cherry Tree

Always harvest the fruit with the stem still attached to help them retain freshness. Keep the stem all the way until you use them, to prolong their shelf life.

Cherries are great in dozens of recipes. You can make jams, can them, or just eat them right off the tree. Sour cherries are great for a cherry pie.

Give the cherry tree the required attention and care, and it will reward you with a great crop!