How To Grow Hemp Indoors?

Why waste your time searching for outdoor hemp when you can grow it indoors? Are you wondering about the same thing? Well, then we are on the same page. You know what? It was a smart move when you thought about growing hemp indoors. But will only a thought get this work done for you? That sounds like a giant no!

Well, then again, you are right! Growing hemp indoors is not an easy task like ordering it from GetKush.

It is not like growing any ordinary plant at your home. You have to do plenty of preparations. And, you will also need to keep several things in mind. But, do not let that lower your confidence. Because they say, the difficulty level of tasks decides the level of satisfaction of perks. It means that growing hemp indoors is undoubtedly a bit hectic, but it’s worth it.

And if your mission ‘grow hemp indoors’ gets successful, you will be able to enjoy many satisfying and incredible perks. Just think of those situations when you needed to go again and again to the market to buy hemp. Even if you were buying hemp from online stores until now, think of the shipping charges you incurred.

Unlike your old days of shopping for outdoor hemp, you can save the wastage of your time and money by growing hemp indoors. Not just this. You can also increase your farming of hemp indoors from a small room to a big hall. And many more! So now, nurture your thoughts with self-motivation because we will give you a quick guide for growing hemp indoors. So, are you ready to get the best guide on how to grow hemp indoors? Then, let’s discuss it right away-

What is indoor hemp farming?


As the name suggests, an indoor hemp plant is a hemp plant that we grow indoors. Indoor hemp farming offers more high-quality hemp as compared to outdoor hemp farming. The Outdoors is grown in fields. Now, you might be thinking about how indoor hemp farming gives us a better quality product. Especially when outdoor hemp farming gets more rain, sun, and area to grow? Right?

Well, that’s the magical quality of indoor hemp farming. An indoor hemp farming enables the cultivator to gain control over their hemp plants’ surroundings and environment. You can pamper and control the growth of your hemp plant by optimizing its ventilation, feeding them nutrient supplements, throwing grow lights for better growth, and monitoring its atmosphere.

You need not get confused between hemp and marijuana. Both plants are different and offer different experiences. The better quality of hemp means an enhanced quality of benefits of hemp. There are chances that a low-quality hemp product does not let you get the most of its benefits. Now, let’s take a look at the best way to grow hemp indoors.

What is the best way to grow hemp indoors?


Okay, first things first. You will need a license to grow hemp indoors in most of the states. However, if you don’t have the authorization to grow hemp, you can only cultivate it if you live in states such as Colorado. In such situations, it should be a state in which the cultivation of hemp is entirely legal for medical or recreational purposes.

Thus, you must take a closer look at the regulations and laws of your state regarding cannabis. It will help you free this process of cultivation of hemp from any inconvenience. Now, let’s understand the steps-

  1. The process begins with selecting the hemp seed. If you want to cultivate a hemp flower, you will need female hemp seeds because female hemp seeds are the only ones that will enable the production of buds. However, both male hemp flower seeds and female hemp flower seeds can provide you with hemp fiber.
  2. Now, we will begin with the germination process. Firstly, you will need to pre-soak the hemp seeds for a period of eight to twelve hours. And, if you are willing to cultivate a hemp flower, you should go for feminized seeds so that they can produce seeds. Other than this, you will also need a tiny pot for the germination of those hemp seeds. Fortunately, you can now get a hemp seed starter kit. It facilitates the speedy and better growth of your seedlings.
  3. Now, if your hemp seeds are done with the soaking part, it’s time to plant them. Start by planting them one inch deep in the soil. Make sure it is moist. Now, adjust the temperature to an ideal temperature. Set it between sixty-five to ten degrees Fahrenheit. It is essential to get yourself a thermostat during this process. It will help you monitor the temperature of the moist soil. Proper management of the temperature of the soil is crucial as it will enable the ethical germination of the hemp seeds since the fate of the first phase decides the future of the quality of hemp further.
  4. Now, you will need to focus on the lighting of the room. Opt for fluorescent grow lamps or high output LEDs. They will thrive the growth of your hemp plant. Make sure to keep light several inches above the hemp seeds. Your hemp plant will need light between a period of eighteen to twenty-four hours per day. And, once they begin stretching, make sure to bring the lights closer to them.
  5. The next part involves an emphasis on fertilizers. Go for water-soluble fertilizers with the richness of nitrogen since this component is vital as it is basic stuff present in chlorophyll. It will facilitate the proper procedure of photosynthesis.
  6. The best season for growing hemp plants is spring. But, things like seasons don’t matter in indoor hemp farming. Because you can adjust or create the right environment for your plant. Thus, make sure to take proper care of the plant’s environment and temperature in the room.
  7. Once the hemp seedlings begin to roots at their bottom, you will need to transplant them into a five-inch container. Now, you can start feeding the plant nutrients for proper adaptation to a new pot.
  8. Now, in the final step, if the plant reaches the bottom again, transfer it to a larger container and a quantity of compost mix, which can help it thrive.

So, this was a successful guide for growing hemp plants indoors. Isn’t it easy? So let’s get started with the preparations and cultivate your indoor hemp plant. All the best!