How to Plant Roses and Care for Rose Bushes – 2024 Guide

Rose bushes have been cultivated for centuries – since 5 thousand years before Christ, someone had information about planting roses, and it has long been known that roses have accompanied humans. They are beautiful, fragrant, they like the sun and more clay. Caring for them is a daily task and, you will see, it is also good for the soul. Here are the 5 tips to plant and care your roses. But if you want more info, you can visit

1. Use any rose you have

Still have the one that you won as a gift or received from your love? Yes, you can use any rose you have.

2. Place a bet

Each rose is reproduced by cuttings, a plant reproduction technique known as shaving where branches that have reproductive gems are used, resulting from winter trimming. This vegetative form is the best for reproducing rose bushes because you will get other plants that are identical to those that give rise to stakes.

It is very easy to make a rose as long as you are careful to always leave the main gem (from pruning the pruned branches with the thickest branches), make diagonal cuts, bevels, and sprinkle on the root of the branches still fresh (without drying, right?).

How to Plant Roses

And you can place a bet on a rose, either in water, on the ground or even on potatoes, to the roots. Potatoes will provide the necessary moisture until the peas form enough roots but will also provide food with easy access to encourage the growth of the bush. Bury potatoes with stakes, in a definitive pan, and just remember to keep the earth moist.

3. Sowing roses is also possible

Of course; you can plant your roses from seeds – for that, buy certified seeds, which will guarantee you the types that will appear later, from each plant. The seeds are small and hard, and to germinate they need long ice (12 weeks, moistened, in the refrigerator, in a closed bag). When you see that they are releasing green shoots, put each seed that has germinated in the pot with the prepared soil, cover the bud lightly and keep the soil moist. Within a few weeks of treatment you will have your buds, very blue-green and with a pair of leaves and you will know that the bushes are born

4. Good soil for rose bushes

Prepare a good soil mixture to plant your rose bushes. Look for heavier soils that accumulate water but also have good drainage because there are no trees that like to live on wet soil.

How to Plant Roses

5. Fertilization

Roses are not demanding, that is to say, they will not die or suffer too much if planted in a location that does not have many nutrients. Ideally, you should prepare clay with a third of the sand mixture to ensure airflow, fertilized with well-composted or tanned fertilizers, and in each season or seasonal change, make additional bone meal and coffee, around the plants. But know that too much fertilization can damage your tree by burning the roots.