Entrepreneur and founder of Agriscaping Technologies, Justin Rohner, has spent time in both Germany and Utah where he learned techniques specific to those varied climates. He believes if you can grow your own edibles year around in the Sonoran Desert, you can grow edibles anywhere.

Rohner used this experience and founded Agriscaping Technologies with a mission to improve local food access & sustainability by transforming landscapes into edible food gardens easily managed with the help of online tools and locally certified pros.

Agriscaping Technologies has developed a training program that empowers local gardeners and landscaping professionals to GO PRO as Certified Agriscapers, helping people grow their own elegantly sustainable local foods in their own yards and patios.

“We are looking to continue to lead the way to the next 100-year leap in Agriculture. Our Agriscaping Technologies and Community have already begun to help us make the shift to a more localized food-safety and security system using today’s technologies to bridge the gap from the increasingly automated and transport-heavy macro Agriculture of the last 100 years, to a more localized, elegantly integrated micro-farming network of the rising future. With Agriscaping Technologies we are effectively maximizing the efficient usage of scarce water & land resources, eliminating fresh-food deserts, reducing waste, beautifying landscapes, and empowering a new class of agricultural entrepreneurs from all generations.” said Rohner.