Lystek International has announced the release of a new educational video series highlighting its role as a leader in biosolids & organics management. The videos aim to educate and inform audiences about the company’s vision, environmental stewardship and innovative solutions for responsible management of these valuable resources.

The video series presents Lystek’s turn-key solutions for the reduction of “waste” and costs and shows how they are contributing to the circular economy through safe and sustainable diversion practices. Lystek offers multiple “wins”, both economically and environmentally with its easy to operate, low cost, award-winning Thermal Hydrolysis technology. In addition, the videos also show why growers and communities are so excited about the LysteGro™ product the system creates – a pathogen free, federally registered, CFIA (Canada) and Class A EQ (U.S.A.) recognized biofertilizer with a wide range of uses.

“We are extremely proud of these visually stunning, easy to understand videos,” said Kevin Litwiller, Director of Business Development for Lystek. “As market leaders, we feel it is part of our duty to educate, inform and engage with a variety of audiences and demonstrate that sustainable, innovative and cost effective solutions for biosolids and organics management are here today, and achievable.” He adds that, “Our solutions are solving many of the challenges municipalities, generators and growers face and we hope this video series will help people better understand the growing importance of the circular economy while motivating forward-thinking communities to reach out to us for solutions.”