You’ve got your fruit and vegetable crops set up in your indoor operation, but what about the lighting? The following are four LED lighting options for your indoor growing operation.

Philips LED Lighting

Vertical farming and city farming are popular ways to farm when a lot of space for crops is far and few in between. Philips lighting created the GreenPower LED production module that is made specifically for multilayer cultivation in conditioned environments with little or no daylight, according to their website. Philips also has an LED research module that is designed for doing research and a GreenPower TLED that offers an alternative in tissue culture. Benefits include: less heat radiation, 25,000 hour lifespan and is available in 4-foot and 5-foot lengths.

General Electric Lighting 

General Electric’s Lucalox PSL (PhotoSynthesis Light) is developed to provide stable lumen maintenance and increase Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR), according to their website. It stimulates natural daylight so the plant will grow under artificial lighting. The light is available in 250 to 750 wattage and 100 to 205 voltage.

LumiGrow LED Lighting

The LumiGrow LED Strip Light is available for multilayer crop production, plant research and environmental growth chambers and features wireless control and is 200 Watts. According to their website, it’s designed for shelf and rack lighting and has a 5-year warranty. Other products include the LumiGrow Pro 325 LED Grow Lights for commercial greenhouses, controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) environments and research applications and is available in standard and high voltage options.  

Transcend Lighting

The Transcend Lighting T5 LED Direct Replacement Tube is a full spectrum photosynthetic white that was made for leafy greens and vegetative growth, according to their website. Features include a 4-lamp fixture, 55 micro-moles per second output and direct replacement with no rewiring. Also available from Transcend Lighting is the Infinity Linear that is designed to work from 100 volts up to 277 volts, is IP66 rated and has a 65,000 hour operating lifespan.