Purebase Corp. has announced the launch of Purebase Alfalfa, a new product in the soil amendment and mineral nutrient product lines.

“Purebase Alfalfa is an original new product that puts essential nutrients back into the soil and incites the native soil biology to work for the plant,” states Mr. Robert Hurtado, VP Product Research and Development. “An exceptional characteristic about this product is that it delivers over 55% mineralized organic matter – all of which is available to the soil ecology and the plant immediately. Compared to most ruminant manure, which contains an average of 17% organic matter, of which typically only 15% of benefits are available in the first year, our product is providing over 3 times the nutritional content. What I say to growers is ‘What could you do with about 300% more bio-available organic matter for your soil and crops?’”

Purebase Alfalfa provides crops mineralized organic material, which optimizes the available nutrients in the soil and increases the nutritional uptake of plants. It increases soil fertility, buffers soil pH and some heavy metals, mitigates sodium, improves soil structure and de-compacts the soil, while it reduces water consumption by increasing moisture retention; and by re-mineralizing the soil, this sustainable approach, meets 100% of the requirements for organic farming.

Purebase Alfalfa is derived from our proprietary deposit of oxidized lignite shale. The combination of humic and fulvic acid, with an approximate 3.5:1 ratio, and an acidic pH, is coupled with a unique cross-section of plant macro and micronutrients. This product is a well-balanced natural plant nutritional input as well as a very active soil amendment for legumes, in particular for dormant and non-dormant alfalfa cultivars.

Oxidized lignite shale is a nearly perfect source for humic and fulvic acids. This material is the product of the long-term microbial degradation of dead plant matter, such as lignin. It is designed to improve soil structure and water holding capacity while, at the same time, increasing soil microbial activity and diversity.

Experiences in the field have yielded high feed quality for the dairy industry, high tonnage and shorter cut cycles as well as a substantial water retention capacity without water logging. Increases of soil organic matter by as much as 8%, reduced aluminum soil solubility, stronger root structure and architecture and a robust quantity, size and color of Rhizobium Bacterium.

This product works in most soil conditions where alfalfa is produced including sandy deserts, high altitude plains, and coastal ranges with dormant and non-dormant cultivars.

This product substitutes most fertilizer, conventional or organic, needed to grow a healthy and profitable alfalfa crop.