Over the past decade, Sakata Seed America has steadily risen to the top of the beet game with genetics that provide great yield and consistency in the field. Traditional beet varieties that have become proven grower favorites include Eagle, Merlin, Falcon, Vulture and ‘baby’ beet, Robin.

Sakata’s answer to this new consumer demand is Touchstone Gold, a golden beet that exceeds expectations both in the field with yield and vigor and on the plate with bold color and sweet flavor.

“Touchstone Gold has a richer, more vibrant exterior color than competing golden beets. It holds its color better after harvest, and has a sweetness that gives it a richer flavor than the competition. These beauties are literally edible treasures,” said Laura Ann McLoud, beet breeder for Sakata.

Sakata was so confident in Touchstone Gold that the variety was submitted for a third-party analysis conducted by SCS Global Services in August 2015. During this process, Touchstone Gold samples were sown, grown and harvested in unison with top competitive varieties and beet samples yielded were tested for attributes such as color, flavor, texture and sweetness. Trained professionals evaluated and ranked beet samples in both raw and pressure cooked form.

Touchstone Gold beat the competition for physical characteristics including external color, uniformity, firmness and juiciness in raw testing results, and, similarly, ranked highest in overall flavor balance in pressure cooked form. Touchstone Gold prevailed in overall appearance, aroma, texture and quality.

“Sakata Seed America is very excited to be in discussion with Renee Prasad Professor from the University of the Frasier Valley on beet storage. Renee has conducted beet storage trials in BC Canada over the past couple of years. And we are reviewing her data for our beet material,” said Delita Pardue, Sakata’s beet product manager.