BotanoCap Ltd. has signed a cooperative agreement with BioBee Sde Eliyahu to improve the sustainability of their beneficial insect lines.

BotanoCap is using patented micro encapsulation techniques to help improve the feed of BioBee’s beneficial insects mass rearing programs. Through the company’s all-natural technology, the beneficial insects’ nourishment will be better preserved thereby economizing the rearing procedure without compromising the over-all quality of the reared insects.

BotanoCap developed a process which produces a shell around the feed particles which not only allows the beneficial insects to nurse from it directly but also keeps it fresh and moisture free. BioBee’s beneficial insects are natural enemies of crop damaging pests which are intensively used in vegetable and fruit crops.

“BioBee’s products reach over 50 countries world-wide and now, together with our technology, they’ll be able to offer even more comprehensive and cost effective solutions to those who seek biological control of different agricultural pests to keep their food supply safe,” said BotanoCap CEO Yigal Gezundhait.