EPA has entered into a cooperative agreement with University of California, Davis Extension (UC Davis) to provide technical support to the Tribal Pesticide Program Council (TPPC) for a five-year period.

The cooperative agreement will provide financial assistance for UC Davis to support the TPPC as it:

  • raises tribal pesticide program implementation issues to EPA;
  • offers input on EPA pesticide rules, guidance, policies, programs, etc. that affect tribes and Alaska Native Villages;
  • offers a network for tribal pesticide officials to share information;
  • promotes and enhances tribal pesticide program development; and,
  • builds and maintains effective partnerships among a variety of tribal, state and non-governmental organizations to advance tribal pesticide programs and target solutions to specific situations.

The total funding for the five-year period of the cooperative agreement is about $1.1 million. About $195,000 is expected to be available for the first year of the agreement.  The application solicitation for this agreement was announced in April 2015.

For more information on the Tribal Pesticide Program Council and EPA’s tribal pesticide programs, click here.