A-1 Unique Insect Control

Supplies ladybugs and other beneficial insects to be used instead of pesticides. Family-owned and operated since 1980.


Bird Gard

Eliminate bird damage for under $200 an acre. Bird Gard broadcasts digital recordings of bird distress calls to effectively eliminate birds from your crops.


Cheetah Industries

The Cheetah Rodent Control Machine kills burrowing rodents by using an internal combustion engine to produce carbon monoxide and forcing it into tunnel systems.



Hydro-Gardens nematodes are reared on insect hosts to ensure aggressiveness and faster control; they kill insects in 24 to 48 hours, then reproduce within the insects.


Koppert Biological

Offering a line of insects used for biological pest control, from common greenhouse pests to fly controls and soil-dwelling grubs.


Orchard Valley Supply

Orchard Valley Supply’s Pest Management Tool Kit includes guides for insecticides, herbicides and fungicides in at-a-glance chart formats.


Organic Control

For 35 years, Organic Control, Inc. has been providing growers with effective and earth-friendly solutions to protect against pests that can damage plants.


Rodenator Worldwide

The Rodenator kills tunneling and burrowing vertebrates by injecting oxygen and propane into the pest habitat and causing a lethal underground concussion.