AAS has announced the 2016 Edible Winner as the Bunching Onion Warrior regional winner for Mountain/Southwest, Southeast. It was bred by Seeds by Design.

Warrior grows quickly and thus matures early, producing a very uniform crop of slender, crisp onion stalks that are easy to harvest and clean. Warrior will hold up in the garden longer than similar varieties that were grown as comparisons in the trials. Warrior can be used raw to add texture, flavor and color to all kinds of dishes or they are delicious grilled whole as part of a grilled vegetable platter or entrée accompaniment.

AAS® Winner Data 

Genus species: Allium fistulosum

Common name: Bunching onion

Fruit taste: Pungent

Fruit size: ½ inch wide

Fruit shape: Thin and cylindrical

Fruit color: White and green

Plant height: 20-24 inches

Plant width/spread: 1-2 inches

Plant habit: Upright

Garden location: Full sun

Garden spacing: 3-4 inches

Number of fruits: 1

Length of time to harvest: 60 days from seed, 30 days from transplant

Closest comparisons on market: Tokyo Long White Bunching, Ishikura Improved