Manufactures organic acid-based products that contain primary, secondary and micronutrients to complement conventional plant nutrition.

Agrium Advanced Technologies

ESN Smart Nitrogen delivers controlled-release nitrogen for over two months, while Polyon and Duration CR deliver nitrogen for four to six months.


The Sysstem series foliar line links nutrients like calcium, zinc, magnesium and more to a phosphite mobility ion for rapid absorption and translocation.


The SoilNoc line includes soil and root inoculants, mycorrhizae, water-soluble foliar fertilizers, chelated micronutrients, humic acid, kelp extract and more.


Mycorrhizal inoculants provide beneficial fungi for root systems to allow plants to thrive with minimal fertilization and reduced watering.

CSI Chemical

Nutri-K is a liquid potassium supplement with an organic complexing agent, T.O.G., that ensures potassium is absorbed quickly and efficiently.


Currie has developed a number of organic and natural fertilizers and plant foods that can be used on a variety of crops.

Growers Mineral Solutions

Growers Mineral Solutions offers better shelf life, nutrition and taste for produce, as well as less weed pressure and deeper rooting and air/water penetration.

Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch

Pelletized poultry fertilizer and poultry fertilizer crumbles are all-natural, organic and easy to handle and spread. Available in bulk or 50-pound bags.

Highfields Center for Composting

Offers high-quality compost suitable for organic production, technical services for on-farm composting, on-farm composting workshops and more.


Maxicrop is an organic plant stimulant made from Norwegian seaweed that has biostimulants to supply organic compounds and improve soil conditions.

Nachurs Alpine Solutions

Nachurs liquid fertilizers are seed safe, noncorrosive and highly soluble, offering higher yields, fuller roots, low salt index and quick, uniform emergence.

Nature Safe

The all-natural ingredients in Nature Safe fertilizers are premium animal proteins that provide a balanced nutritional program for the soil and the plant.

Neptune’s Harvest

Neptune’s Harvest, an organic fertilizer made from fish, contains micro and macronutrients, vitamins, amino acids, omega oils and growth hormones.

Ohio Earth Food

Organic fertilizers include rock phosphate, greensand, kelp products, Re-Vita Compost blends, liquid cytokinins, fish products, humates and sulfate of potash.

Insta-Gro Mfg., Inc.

Insta-Gro offers a wide range of fertilizer products including starter fertilizer, foliar feed, Liquid Cal, Liquid Sol and more.

Omega Protein

OmegaGrow, OmegaGrow Plus and SeaCide are organic liquid additives based on menhaden, a sustainable species of fish.

Plant Food Co.

AdamsEarth is an organic soil amendment that is beneficial in improving root mass, soil structure and the uptake of N, P, K and minor elements.

Plant Food Systems

Offering Foliar fertilizers, which provide more prolific flowering, less fertilizer waste, improved fruit size and quality, and higher yields.

Precision Laboratories

Wuxal is a high-load, stable suspension foliar fertilizer incorporating advanced adjuvant science for maximum crop safety and leaf uptake efficacy.

Soil Technologies

Microp 4XL contains legume-like microalgae that add nitrogen from nitrogen fixation, polysaccharides to condition soil and plant growth hormones.

Tiger-Sul Products

Manufactures bentonite sulfur and bentonite micronutrients, offering the Tiger 90CR sulfur and Tiger Micronutrients fertilizer lines.

U.S. Ag

Food-grade fertilizers, various forms of carbon, trace minerals and plant-based surfactants are based on the idea of plant and soil health through proper nutrition.

Vermont Compost

Manure compost and Compost Plus with organic and mineral amendments. Fort Vee, Fort Light and Perennial/Large Container Mix potting soils.

Westbridge Agricultural Products

Organic fertilizers include liquid calcium, micronutrients, liquid seaweed spray adjuvants, soil amendments, rock phosphate and microbial nutrients.