Keep Your Eye on Things

Smucker Mfg. introduced its new VisionWorks Wireless camera system, a digital wireless monitoring system that allows monitoring via the Internet over cell phones or computers. Units can be operated with a 12-volt battery or standard 110-volt plug. Audio microphones are built into the cameras, and the system features a Quad Processor to view four cameras simultaneously. Infrared night vision is also included.

Need a Lift?

Manitou’s M Series of rough-terrain, masted forklifts are now Tier III-compliant with 94 hp, turbocharged Perkins or Caterpillar engines. Other upgrades include a dustproof and waterproof wiring harness; marine-style, water-resistant gauges; new work and road lights; and an SAHR park brake system. These units have maintained their 6,000, 8,000 and 10,000-pound capacities, and users still have the option of two or four-wheel drive; torque converter or hydrostatic transmission; open, semi or fully enclosed cabs; and various mast heights.

The WaterScout

Spectrum Technologies, Inc. has introduced WaterScout, a sensor that measures soil moisture without disturbing the rootzone. The thin, tapered shape allows for easy insertion into the soil or growing medium. Use the hand-held reader to take on-the-go spot readings, or bury the sensor and track soil moisture changes over time with a WatchDog data-logging weather station.

Stay Informed

Farm Works now offers a new version of its software, Farm Works Version 2009. Major additions include support of multiple clients, improved cash flow statement, expanded budget comparison report and detailed weather records. Mapping improvements include batch importing and exporting of background maps, display of angled text and streamlined job importing for reading data such as yield maps. Support for reading and writing the latest John Deere GreenStar 2, Case/New Holland Voyager 2, Precision Planting, Ag Leader (including boundaries), and other formats is also available. The Site Mate field solution includes a new interface to accommodate more map area and larger buttons for quick data entry.‡The software will install to any mobile computer with Windows CE, Windows Mobile, or Windows 2000 or higher.


The Power of Soy

NaEx Corp.’s SOYAPLEX is an all-natural fertilizer for use on food and nonfood crops. Made from non-GMO, food-grade soybeans, it is approved for organic crop production. The 8-1-2 formula provides an array of vitamins and minerals, plus 15 amino acids. This product is a slow-release and nonleaching fertilizer, allowing for lower per-acre application rates. In addition to providing ingredients for plant health, growth and production, it also stimulates microbial activity and improves the soil ecosystem. Available in a small granular form and a water-soluble powder for foliar applications.

Planting Wide

John Deere and Bauer Built Mfg. now offer their largest planter ever, the DB120. This 120-foot wide, 48-row, 30-inch-spacing planter can plant 90 to 100 acres per hour when operating at 5 to 5.5 mph, depending on field conditions.

The DB120 is a front-fold, five-section flex-frame planter with CCS RefugePlus bulk-fill and Pro-Series XP row units. These new planters are outfitted with 125-bushel seed capacity, SeedStar 2 monitoring and variable-rate seed drives and pneumatic down force. It also features John Deere RowCommand, a planter row unit on/off system that helps reduce seed input costs and eliminate the yield drag associated with double planting in corn. Front-mounted row cleaners or coulters are optional.