A System for Precision

Topcon’s System 150 is a complete auto steering system for growers practicing precision agriculture. System components include the GX-45 control console and AGI-3 receiver. The console provides visual indicators, such as area applied, speed, row number and satellite information, along with a USB port for transferring field data. The AGI-3 receives signals from multiple satellite constellations, GPS, GLONASS and Galileo. When combined, these two units provide a range of automatic guidance patterns and accuracy options for in-field precision. On-screen visual aids, including coverage maps, give job information for application accuracy. The boundary-mapping feature creates an outline of fields that can be used for any application job performed. With the optional Automatic Section Control, the system can control up to 10 sprayer sections as the operator crosses previously applied areas.

The Ibiza

Bejo Seeds, Inc. has come out with the Ibiza carrot,  a sweet-flavored, dark orange Imperator. This versatile variety responds well to spacing and can be planted at high density for long, skinny, cut- and-peel carrots, or at medium density for smooth, refined slicers. Planting at lower density produces cello-type carrots. At low density, roots are about 11 to 12 inches long, with a slightly tapered cylindrical shape and 1.5-inch diameter.  Diameter decreases at medium and high densities.

Herbivore Protection

The Kencove Electric Net from Kencove Farm Fence protects your crops from four-legged pests. Install the fence with the built-in step-in posts and electrify to keep animals out. Choose from 3.5 to 7-inch spacing and up to 48-inch heights. Semirigid vertical lines stabilize the netting to prevent sagging.

Avoid the Kinks

The new Ames TECH-NO-KINK hose has a Springflex system: multiple layers of spiral PVC wire covered by an outer, clear PVC layer. This design eliminates the chance of kinking and improves flexibility. The hose has a metal spring sleeve,  crush-proof coupling and a burst rating of 450 PSI.

The Latest Boomer

The 28 hp T1110 is New Holland’s latest addition to the Boomer compact tractor line. The T1110 has a two-range hydrostatic transmission with two separate direction pedals. The three-point hitch lift capacity is 1,000 pounds at 24 inches behind the link ends. This tractor comes with a foldable ROPS that allows you to work under low overhangs. The optional Sensitrak automatically engages or disengages front-wheel drive for better fuel efficiency, increased pulling power and reduced turf damage. For attachments, the mid PTO is rated at 2,200 RPM, and the rear PTO is rated at 540 RPM. Optional attachments include a loader, snowblower, rotary broom, front blade, mower and tiller.