Advancing Alternatives

Automate with 24-volt motors and controllers. For greenhouses with low-voltage power sources. Transformer relay boxes also available.

A-V Int’l

A-V Lifetime Bench Systems have UV-protected, polypropylene bench tops and fiberglass frames. Tops come in 18-by-36-inch and 24-by-48-inch sizes.

Blackmore Co.

Horticulture growing trays. One of the newest trays is the 50 T Ellepot that measures 10 by 20 inches and is designed to accept 30-millimeter Ellepots.

Central Boiler

Manufacturer of outdoor wood, corn and wood pellet furnaces designed to thermostatically heat homes, shops, domestic water and more.

Cravo Equipment

The A-Frame greenhouse has a retractable roof that lets you adjust the amount of exposure your plants receive. House widths range from 24 to 41.5 feet.

Gothic Arch Greenhouses

Since 1946, a source for greenhouses and associated equipment and supplies. Choose from a wide range of greenhouse styles, sizes and shapes.

Growers Supply

Offering an assortment of greenhouses for your growing needs. Also available, cooling and ventilation supplies and other greenhouse accessories.

Growing Systems, Inc.

A source for growing trays, custom-built traveling irrigators, plug dislodgers and the Vandana Tubeless Seeder  that sows an entire tray at one drop.


Haygrove Tunnels come in single and multibay styles designed to withstand high winds. Luminance poly diffuses sunlight and blocks infrared.


Supplier of beneficial insects, bumblebees, greenhouse packages, vegetable seeds and more for the greenhouse vegetable industry.


The Hydro-Stacker is a hydroponic vertical growing unit that grows 20 plants in 14 square inches and minimizes bending and kneeling.

Int’l Greenhouse Co.

Provider of commercial greenhouse structures, turnkey installation, and greenhouse equipment and supplies.

J&D Mfg.

The Green Breeze is a variable-speed, HAF fan that features an easy-open front guard for quick cleaning. Available in 12, 20 and 24-inch sizes.

Ken-Bar, Inc.

The High Tunnel Vent is a roof-installed, supplemental ventilation system for tunnels. Manual and auto-temperature vent openers available.

Omni Structures Int’l

Manufacturer of cold frame, freestanding and gutter-connect structures and a supplier of greenhouse polyfilm and polycarbonate panels.

Polygal, Inc.

A source for polycarbonate and polyethylene greenhouse coverings.

Reef Industries

Griffolyn greenhouse covers protect from UV radiation and are designed to resist tears. Choose from 80, 20 and 0-percent light transmission.

Rimol Greenhouse Systems

Nor’Easter greenhouses are freestanding and designed to withstand heavy snow loads. Available in 30 and 34-foot widths with 4 or 5-foot bow spacing.

Superior Aqua Enterprises

The Superior Aqua Agricultural System injects copper ions into the irrigation system, killing bacteria, algae, molds and fungi.

Walker Bros., Inc.

Custom-built high tunnels and greenhouses that are designed to handle snow. Built using schedule 40 galvanized pipes.