The Asta Drip pressure-compensating spike dripper incorporates a turbulent flow path with self-flushing action and an insect baffle to minimize blockages.

Armored Textiles

Bandama irrigation hose is ribbed to improve its resistance to abrasion and comes in 2.5, 3, 4, 4.5, 5 and 6-inch diameters.


The NanoCourier transmitter is a tool for specific applications, such as sending flow or soil moisture data. It is available with spread spectrum or satellite telemetry.

Banjo Corp.

Mini pipe fittings and poly micro ball valves in .25 and 3/8-inch sizes are both made of fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene with a maximum pressure rating of 150 PSI.

Bauer Group

PRORAIN F30 and F40 hose-reel irrigators distribute water over 295-foot wide strips ranging from 1,375 to 1,900 feet in length. Equipped with a pendulum equalizer.

Cadman Power

Hard hose travelers come in over 30 models, with inside diameters from 1.1 to 5 inches. They are efficient, economical and easy to use.

Chlorinators, Inc.

Regal gas chlorinators reduce algae and slime buildup in irrigation systems. They also control odors and help prevent diseases, fungus and mold.


Coxreels 1125 Series Competitor hand crank and motorized hose reels feature an all-welded frame, heavy spun discs and low-profile outlet riser.


The Twist II Clean five-second backflush filter is available in .75, 1 and 2-inch sizes. It protects equipment from solids and sediments suspended in water.


T-Tape drip line is suitable for use aboveground, mulched or buried. It provides even water distribution, lower pumping costs and ease of installation.


The TH200-L Little Stick portable soil moisture probe is fast, accurate, easy to use and works in a variety of soils. Data can be stored and output to a PC.


The WP-1000 water pump has a die-cast aluminum pump housing, 21.2cc engine with Pro-Fire electronic ignition and discharge rate of up to 28 GPM.

Eco1st Technology Group

The Inline Processor enhances irrigation water by causing it to lose the ability to bond to itself and any foreign contaminants. Increases percolation through all soil types.


Galvanized steel water tanks come with liners and covers and can store up to 440,000 gallons. They keep water algae-free and clean and stop evaporation.

Forestry Suppliers

Deep Drip tree watering stakes allow water to flow freely through holes in the stake, while an internal filter blocks dirt and debris from entering.

Forsta Filters

Self-cleaning irrigation filters are cost-effective and automatic, produce less wastewater and will not interrupt main system flow during the cleaning cycle.


Soil Solution Access Tubes are designed to easily extract soil water samples and provide an accurate method of determining salinity or plant nutrient levels.

Jacobson Remotics

The Field Water Alarm is a wireless transmitter that sends an alert when flood irrigation water reaches a set point. With keypad, cell phone modem and LCD screen.


The ditch plow works well for digging irrigation and drainage ditches. The standard model digs a ditch 10 inches deep and 16 inches wide.

KID Group

Big Sprinkler portable irrigation stands are a convenient solution for a variety of applications. Also offers sprinklers, hoses, fittings and more.


The Ag-Rain Water-Reel is portable for cost-effective irrigation in multiple locations. It can apply water at various depths for different crops.


The IDKT has a 120-degree spray angle featuring two fans, angled 30 degrees forward and 30 degrees backward, to improve penetration and coverage.

Mazzei Injector Co.

Mazzei injectors for chemigation deliver precise mixing and uniform distribution of material into the water stream. They have no moving parts.

Nelson Irrigation

The R33 sprinkler uses Rotator Technology to provide longer throw distance, fight the wind better and deliver uniform coverage. Low-pressure model available.

Olson Irrigation Systems

The VACLEEN 7000 Series filter has flow rates from 30 to 220 GPM, operating at 30 to 120 PSI. With glass-reinforced polymer body and stainless steel screen.

Orchard Valley Supply

Driplok is an irrigation line holder with a built-in saddle that prohibits water flow restriction. It can be installed quickly and easily.


Provides hardware, software and support tools needed to make difficult irrigation decisions, including the Irrigation Manager iPhone application.

Reelcraft Industries

The GC7000 Series water reels can handle 35 feet of 5/8-inch hose or 25 feet of .75-inch hose. They come with hose, brass on/off valve and 10-foot inlet hose.


The RPM touch screen panel is equipped with an integrated system scheduling application as well as capabilities for history logs, wet/dry ratios and weather data.


The WMP104-100 flow meter features polypropylene bodies, T-316 stainless steel electrodes, simple digital display, and battery or external power.


The GP3410 centrifugal pump has a 34cc, two-stroke/four-stroke hybrid C4 technology engine and discharges at a rate of up to 34 GPM. It weighs 15.6 pounds.

Shur Farms Frost Protection

Cold Air Drain removes the coldest layer of air from along the ground. Other frost protection methods may be used later or not at all, saving water and fuel.


The PKX201H high-pressure pump offers a lift height of up to 275 feet and a maximum delivery volume of 127 GPM. It has a large-diameter impeller.

Superior Aqua Enterprises

The Superior Aqua Agricultural System automatically injects copper ions into an irrigation system to eliminate pathogens, algae, mold and fungi.

Topcon Precision Agriculture

System 210 is a land leveling, surveying and field design system that provides dual-constellation GPS and GLONASS satellite reception.


Specializing in drip irrigation for all horticultural and vegetable crops since 1973, with products from Netafim, John Deere Water, Toro, Jain Irrigation and more.


The AgGPS FieldLevel II system helps manage water by maintaining grade. It automatically raises and lowers the blade based on the tractor’s location.


PTO-powered and hydraulic pumps use a tractor or skid steer for power, with dewatering, trash and pressure pumps available.

Turf Teq

Self-propelled, walk-behind trenchers can trench up to 7 inches deep and are powered by a 13 hp Honda engine, with a hydrostatic forward/reverse transmission.