Extend the Growing Season with SARE’s How-To Resources

With consumer interest in locally grown foods steadily increasing, vegetable farmers are discovering they can add an important income stream through high tunnels – a cost-effective means to extend production and sales into the traditional off-season. One Maryland farmer started using a high tunnel to raise spinach and tomatoes from early spring through late fall.

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PMA Allocates Salad Bars to Schools Funding

The Produce Marketing Association has allocated the first installment of its $100,000 contribution and additional funds donated by member leaders. This effort is in support of the Let’s Move Salad Bars to Schools initiative, which focuses on giving schoolchildren better access to healthy foods and fighting an epidemic of childhood obesity.

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OHP Relaunches Terraclor 400 Fungicide

OHP, Inc. announced the relaunch of Terraclor 400 ornamental fungicide for users in greenhouses, nurseries and shadehouses. In addition, Terraclor 400 may be used on landscape and field-grown ornamentals. The economical liquid fungicide is widely used for control of tough diseases.

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ARS Uses Chemistry to Help Control Nematodes

When left unchecked, the pale cyst nematode digs into the roots of potato plants to feed, obstructing nutrients and causing stunted growth, wilted leaves and other symptoms that can eventually kill the plant. Severe infestations can cause yield losses of up to 80 percent. Currently, scientists at the ARS and their colleagues are evaluating new ways of controlling Globodera pallida with the use of certain natural chemicals called “egg deposition factors.”

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