New Spray Tip Option

The new line of TXR ConeJet hollow cone spray tips from TeeJet Technologies offers growers a new tip option for air-blast, directed and specialty spraying applications. The TXR produces an 80-degree hollow cone spray pattern with fine to very fine droplets for thorough leaf coverage. This tip is well-suited for application of insecticides, fungicides, foliar fertilizers and related products that are commonly applied in orchard, vineyard and vegetable operations. The tips come in 12 color-coded sizes based on flow rate. They are offered in a range of capacities from 0.046 to 1.45 GPM flow rates, with a recommended operating pressure of 30 to 360 PSI. The low-profile acetal (polymer) tip body provides minimal impact with foliage and excellent chemical resistance. The orifice is made of high-quality ceramic for better wear life in high-pressure applications. The TXR ConeJet uses a snap-fit backup plate to provide positive retention when handled in the field., 630-665-5000

Turbo Shift

Underhill International introduced Turbo Shift, a multifunction hose-end nozzle. Dual variable flow delivers light fog and low-volume jet stream patterns before shifting to high-gear, high-volume outputs. Turbo Shift is designed for use in greenhouses and nurseries and can facilitate wash-downs and equipment cleanups. It is offered in five models with either pistol or firefighter grips. A low-flow model opens with 7 to 12 GPM and turbo-shifts from 14 to 17 GPM. The high-flow model opens with 12 to 17 GPM and turbo-shifts from 20 to 43 GPM. The super high-flow model performs from 34 to 104 GPM. All flow rates are based on 80 PSI. The ergonomically designed grips have sturdy ball valves and push-pull on/off control handles. All models have 0.75 or 1-inch inlets., 866-863-3744