Easy Planting

The new Easy Plant, pre-punched WeedGuardPlus features plant placement holes that require no measuring. Offered in several plant spacing patterns: five across, 5-inch centers with 5-inch repeat; single-row 22-inch centers; and custom patterns. Use above or below drip tape. WeedGuardPlus is a 100 percent biodegradable vegetable crop mulch that is porous to air and water, eliminates the need for herbicides and is healthy for plants and soil as it biodegrades.


One Potato, Two Potato

Two new potato varieties have been released by Oregon State University. A red fingerling called AmaRosa features smooth, deep-red skin and red flesh. The tubers retain their color even as they are baked, fried or cooked. They also are resistant to scab and tuber late blight.

The other potato variety, the light-brown Sage Russet, is a processing variety that has minimal internal flaws and keeps its light color after cooking because of its low sugar levels. Sage Russet also is suitable to sell fresh.

The potato varieties will be licensed to the Potato Variety Management Institute, a nonprofit organization that works on behalf of the Tri-State Potato Breeding Program. Disease-free small tubers grown from tissue culture are available from the University of Idaho Tissue Culture Laboratory.