Better flavor, color, size, uniformity, disease resistance, yield or a combination of desirable attributes describe the crop of new vegetables for 2018. Here’s a brief rundown of new and relatively new veggies that growers may consider for the coming season.


A consistent performer, peak season ‘Colter’ performs upright, straight 5.5-inch dark green mainly 4-sieve pods in 52 days. Harris Seeds reports it is highly resistant to bean common mosaic virus, curly top and rust.

Designated a pole bean due to its 6 to 9 feet vines, ‘Seycheles’ in 55 days produces high yields of dark green 5 to 6 inch stringless pods in multiple picks. Stokes classifies it as one of their vegetables of merit.

Siegers Seeds notes that direct marketers would like the eating quality of the new French filet bean, ‘Grenada.’ A true sieve size 2, it has a long shelf life and resists halo blight, anthracnose, rust, brown bacterial spot and bean common mosaic virus.

‘Greenback,’ uniform and high yielding, also resists bean mosaic virus. Seedway notes that this fresh market variety produces clean and uniform harvests.


Multi-use ‘Eastern Magic’ shows excellent 103-day performance in the Northeast and Canada according to Stokes Seeds. Its high-domed exceptional blue-green color and good heat tolerance adds to its appeal.

‘Emerald Star,’ at 105 days exhibits tight heads, fine beads, blue-green color and uniformity. Stokes says it performs best in crown-cut trim uses.


A Chinese cabbage, ‘Red Dragon’ produces full-size, 10-inch red heads inside and out. Johnny’s Selected Seeds suggests trialing it, and includes details on using foliar calcium sprays.


‘Adana,’ a 55-day bunching carrot by Bejo Seeds Inc., features superior flavor and texture. The cylindrical orange roots show good uniformity and length and hold well in the field. Plus, the tops hold well in cool fall weather.


Johnny’s replaced ‘Cheddar’ with ‘Flame Star’ due to its  better heat and stress tolerance. Paler orange and medium tall, it performs well both spring and fall.

Uniform, elliptical head with dense white curds makes 65-day ‘Clarify’ suitable for fresh and processing uses. Stokes reports that it is clubroot resistant.


After collaborative breeding to resist bolting, Johnny’s offers ‘Rhubarb Supreme’ with dark green curly savoy leaves accenting brilliant red stems. The organic seed is intended for the fresh bunching market.


Open headed, mini romaine red, ‘Ezbruke,’ has an open habit and small core that make it ideal for one-cut or whole head harvesting. Slow bolting and highly resistant to downy mildew 1-8 and 16-32 and tomato bushy stunt virus, plus intermediate resistant to lettuce mosaic virus. This is a Johnny’s pelleted organic seed.


The strong, vigorous vines of ‘Accolade’ resist cracking and stand up to field stress. This new eastern cantaloupe listed by Siegers Seeds also has improved netting and resists fusarium and powdery mildew.

Deep orange ‘Sun Blushed,’ listed by Rupp Seeds, an extended shelf-life western-type with high Brix, weights 4 to 6 lbs., and resists fusarium 0, 1 and powdery mildew.


Siegers Seeds lists three new onions that resist basal rot and pink root. ‘Catskill,’ a slow to bolt large globe, has attractive brown skin. ‘Ridgeline,’ a long-day Spanish type developed by American Takii, has excellent yield potential. ‘Saddleback’ has a good root system for its earliness and good skin retention. Stokes, who also catalogs these three, adds that Saddleback’s root system permits growth on marginal muck soils, and that Catskill is adaptable to all soil types.

Stokes also lists ‘Pocono,’ an extra-large 100-day yellow uniform round bulb with dark skins and very small necks, has potential for long-term storage.


‘Candy Cane,’ a striking sweet pepper developed by Pan American Seed, ripens from green and white stripes to solid red. Its appearance at every stage of maturity will spur consumer demand for market and speciality growers. Harris Seeds and Stokes Seeds list it.

‘Skyhawk,’ an extra large blocky sweet pepper has strong plants to offer protection for a concentrated set. Harris Seeds reports intermediate resistance to bacterial leaf spot.

Stokes Seeds also adds two new hot peppers. The large serrano ‘Feroz’ has shiny dark green flavorful hot fruit on a vigorous plant in concentrated sets. ‘Kabal,’ a 90-day orange habanero has high yield potential.

‘Mad Hatter,’ a bishops crown type, ripens green to red. Stokes says its sweet flavor intensifies as it matures and only occasionally expresses mild heat near the seeds.


The unique shape and interesting vertical dark green stripes on bright orange make ‘Golden Butta Bowl’ appealing for fall decoration. It is among the new ornamentals in Siegers’ list 

Bred by Hollar Seeds, ‘Flame,’ a mini pale yellow with orange stripes, also Siegers listed, resists powdery mildew. A mini version, ‘Spark,’ has darker yellow with orange stripes, and strong green handles. Also in the series, 3-lb. ‘Blaze’ is listed by Seedway.

Light brown ‘Grizzly Bear,’ with warts and bumps, adds to Siegers’ ‘Freak’ series.

‘Mellow Yellow’ marketed by both Siegers and Harris, produces 10 to 12 lbs. with medium ribs and well-attached handles.

Outstanding Seed’s ‘Rembrandt’ has pink and blue stripes with coral, green and gray splashes. Its shape varies from pendant to round. With maturity of 100 days, the size averages 15 to 20 lbs., and it has intermediate resistance to powdery mildew.

Rupp Seeds reports that its ‘Bayhorse Gold’ reflects the next generation of Rupp pumpkin breeding. With intermediate resistance to powdery mildew, this uniform very dark orange pumpkin with very dark handles can be used for roadside markets or shipping.

Summer Squash

Improved ‘Spineless Supreme,’ bred by Syngenta, resists powdery mildew, cucumber and watermelon mosaic viruses, and zucchini yellows mosaic virus. Rupp and Stokes stock it.

‘Tempest,’ according to Johnny’s, has vibrant yellow coloration and exceptional culinary quality. A crookneck, its also features soft spines.

Sweet Corn

Breeders of sweet corn have been consistently enhancing germination, seedling uniformity, disease tolerance, root development, flavor, marketable ears, husk package and seed storability. Crookham’s ‘Temptress,’ its first release in the Quad Sweets series, features heirloom corn taste and modern sweetness in a modern plant. Early, it has strong emergence, easy snap on a 6½ feet plant, and an impressive disease package. A new augmented corn by Crookham, ‘Euphoria,’ has high eating quality with an exceptional bite. It has good tip fill, easy snap, a large ear and resists Northern corn leaf blight.

Abbott and Cobb’s ‘Early Riser’ series includes ‘SS Early Riser Bicolor’ which has the added benefit of their SSW genes, which produce earlier stands compared with conventional sh2 corns and yield potential. This selection for fresh market has intermediate resistance to Northern corn leaf blight. The company also has a yellow in the series.

Illinois Foundation Seed released ‘Xtra Tender 20173,’ a bicolor. It has good tip fill and dark green husk covering 8-inch ears.

Stokes lists ‘Tenderfoot,’ an early synergistic bicolor averaging 16 rows of 8 to 8½ inch ears. It has intermediate resistance to rust and Stewart’s wilt.

Siegers includes ‘Caliber XR,’ a bicolor sh2 midseason corn for both roadside and shipping markets. It has excellent husks, and resists rust and Northern corn leaf blight. ‘Freedom MXR,’ a sh2 midseason white corn, with multiple disease resistances also can excel for local and shipping. Also cataloged by Siegers, ‘XTH1572,’ a yellow corn with dark green husks and excellent flag leaves, is also adapted to multiple markets. It has lodging tolerance, super seed vigor and resists Northern corn leaf blight.


‘Cauralina’ matures its 14-oz. heart-shaped fruit early. The newest member of Johnny’s French heritage series, it also features improved disease resistance, and is ideal for sauce, salsa and fresh eating.

‘Ruby Crush,’ a mid-early grape tomato with smooth, uniform, firm fruit has a disease resistance package that includes tomato mosaic virus, fusarium crown, root rot and wilt, and gray leaf spot. Developed by Sakata, Siegers Seeds has added this tomato.

Just named an All-America Selections winner, vivid red, high lycopene ‘Valentine’ sports high early yields and a rich flavor with 7 to 9 Brix. Johnny’s Selected Seeds says it marries the best of wild genetics with flavorful high-performing strains. It has intermediate resistance to early blight.

Winter Squash

Johnny’s has improved the standard butternut with uniformity and attractive appeal. At 3 to 3.5 lbs, ‘Waldo’ is not over-size, and has powdery mildew resistance.

The above represent a sampling of the large amount of new seeds for the coming season. Growers may also wish to study catalogs and consult their salesmen for additional details and more new varieties.