Lynx winter field pea is a new alternative to Austrian winter pea offering two significant benefits:

Cold tolerance:  While Austrians have a cold tolerance of 10°F, Lynx can withstand temperatures as low as – 5°F.

Tannin-free sweetness: Austrian winter peas are bitter tasting; not just the seeds, but the whole plant. This is due to naturally occurring tannins, and Lynx are tannin-free and sweet to the taste.

Lynx can be seeded straight or used in mixes with grains, grasses and other legumes, replacing Austrians with a sweeter and more cold tolerant pea.

Lynx is also available with NitroCoat® seed enhancement technology. The Nitro-Coat® process ensures that each seed receives a high level of the correct rhizobium strain so as to provide the maximum potential for forage production, root growth, and nitrogen fixation.