Bejo Seeds

Organic seeds for beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, endive, onions, parsley, radishes, spinach, shallots, celery, cauliflower, kale, leeks, chicory and more.

Berger Peat Moss

The OM series of organic mixes includes all-purpose OM 1, OM 2 germinating mix, OM 4 fertilized peat moss and high-porosity OM 6.

Bio S.I. Technology

Microbial soil inoculants will give crops better nutrient uptake, improving fertilizer efficacy and leading to more vigorous plants and improved water absorption.


Mycorrhizae inoculants contain beneficial fungi that boost root uptake of nutrients and water and create vigorous plants with minimal fertilization.

Converted Organics

LC 1-1-1 is a fully pasteurized liquid compost that can stimulate microbial activity within the soil and is suitable for use on a variety of crops and soils.

CROPP Cooperative/Organic Valley

Markets the products of its 1,652 farmer-owners, including organic produce, dairy, eggs, meat, juice, soy, forage and grain.

Dubois Agrinovation

BioTelo is an organic, biodegradable and 100 percent compostable mulch film. Microorganisms transform it into water, carbon dioxide and biomass, with no toxic residue.


Products include Eco-Hydro Fish liquid fertilizer, Eco-Nereo Kelp liquid auxiliary, Fish Bloom 4-22-0 and fresh, local soil amendments.


The Weed Free Garden Watering Blanket provides a self-watering mechanism and weed blocking. Aria Vertical EcoScapes are a vertical planting solution.


Aza-Direct botanical insecticide contains azadirachtin and is a broad-spectrum insect growth regulator, anti-feedant, repellent and reproductive inhibitor.

Harris Seeds

GreenCure fungicide is a safer alternative to cure and prevent mildews, blights, molds and other diseases. One gallon covers about 450 square feet.

High Mowing Organic Seeds

Selection of over 450 varieties of 100 percent organic seeds, including Sunkist hybrid orange slicing tomato, Magenta Summer Crisp Batavian lettuce and more.

Highfields Center for Composting

Offers high-quality, living compost, as well as technical assistance and workshops in on-farm composting, including recipe development and management plans.

IPM Laboratories

Trichogramma ostriniae is an insect that parasitizes and kills the entire egg mass to control European corn borer in sweet corn.

Isagro USA

Badge X2 fungicide/bactericide contains copper hydroxide and copper oxychloride, providing control of a broad spectrum of diseases using less metallic copper.

JH Biotech

Biomin Calcium is an organic, amino acid chelated fertilizer. It is a readily available source of calcium and one of the company’s 27 OMRI Listed products.

Marrone Bio Innovations

Regalia controls fungal and bacterial diseases and switches on crops’ defense systems. GreenMatch controls a broad spectrum of annual and perennial weeds.

Maxicrop USA

Maxicrop liquid or soluble seaweed powder is a natural biostimulant made by hydrolyzing dried, ground Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed.


PyGanic Crop Protection EC 1.4 II and EC 5.0 II are broad-spectrum contact insecticides that deliver quick knockdown and kill of crop-damaging insects.


Agrid3 is registered by the EPA for use in organic production to control rats and mice. It causes rodents to stop feeding after consuming a toxic dose.


Offers Soyaplex, an NPK fertilizer derived from soybeans; Dragonfire CPP, a liquid nematicide/insecticide; and Spray-Mo powdered sugarcane molasses.

Natural Forces

Bugitol is a broad-spectrum, foliar-applied biopesticide and repellent with two modes of action to give immediate and residual control of mites, insects and airborne fungi.

Natural Industries

Water-soluble Actinovate AG contains beneficial microbes that fight root and foliar diseases. It helps build stronger root systems and more vigorous plants.

Nature Safe

A complete line of organic fertilizers derived from plant and animal meals that provide a balance of proteins, fats, yeast, sugars, starches and carbohydrates.

Neptune’s Harvest

Liquid fish hydrolysate fertilizer contains macro and micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, enzymes and more. No offensive odor.


Third-party review of products for organic use; printed and online list of approved products; subscription program; and online organic seeds database.

Organic Control

Provides natural and organic products, including live beneficial insects. Mason bees are also available.

Pennsylvania Perlite

Perlite is an amorphous volcanic glass that has a relatively high water content, typically formed by the hydration of obsidian.

Perdue AgriRecycle

MicroStart60 products meet the requirements of the NOP/USDA for use in organic crop production without any restrictions. Also listed by OMRI.

Pharm Solutions

Weed Pharm is a food-grade organic herbicide that contains 20 percent acetic acid. It is nontoxic and biodegradable and controls broadleaf and grassy weeds.

PJC & Co. Ecological Land Care

Manufactures and distributes OMRI Listed, all-natural Renaissance fertilizers and soil amendments.


BrowseBan is a natural animal repellent that reduces animal browsing on crop plants. Apply with conventional ground and hand-held spray equipment.

Resource Management

Heart & Soil Bulk pH+Plus is an organic fertilizer that is derived from select wood ashes and used to improve soil fertility and crop performance.

Soil Technologies

Microp 4XL contains micro-algae that add nitrogen from nitrogen fixation, polysaccharides to condition the soil and plant growth hormones.

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

Offers over 700 heirloom, organic and open-pollinated vegetable, herb and flower varieties, plus garlic, perennial onions and seed saving supplies.

Tech Terra Organics

Nutrients Plus 4-4-2 with 9 percent calcium is a 100 percent natural, organic, granular fertilizer derived from composted poultry manure.

Tiger-Sul Products

Tiger Micronutrients Crop Mixes have a custom analysis that has been tested and designed to provide optimal micronutrient ratios.

Vermont Compost Co.

Fort Vee potting soil is a complete germinating and growing-on mix designed for soil blocks. Excellent for trays, pots and containers.


WeedGuardPlus is an all-natural, 100 percent biodegradable paper fiber mulch and weed barrier that is available in an OMRI Listed organic formulation.