Acadian Agritech

Stimplex is a crop biostimulant that contains chelated micronutrients, amino acids and other components to improve plant health and increase yields.

Dubois Agrinovation

Anti-insect net screen made of high-density polyethylene. No thermal effect. Protects crops from insects, birds, deer and weather damage.

Francis Resources

SuperSoil is a liquid spray that makes compacted or high sodium soils more porous. Increases water filtration, retention and oxygen exchange.

The Highfields Institute

Offering technical services in on-farm composting, including site identification and design, site permitting, management plans and more.

High Mowing Seeds

Organic seed for growers. Over 400 varieties of vegetables, flowers and herbs. Professionally cleaned and tested for germination, vigor and pathology.

IPM Laboratories

Trichogramma ostriniae is a tiny egg parasite that kills European corn borer eggs on sweet corn and sweet peppers. Effective and easy to apply.

Maxicrop U.S.A., Inc.

Maxicrop liquid or soluble seaweed powder is a natural biostimulant made by hydrolyzing dried, ground Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed.

NaEx Corp.

DRAGONFIRE CPP is a nematicide and pesticide, SOYAPLEX is a soybean-derived fertilizer and CYTOAUX is a sea kelp-based fertilizer.

Natural Ind., Inc.

Actinovate AG is an organic fungicide labeled for use against foliar and soil borne diseases. Water soluble and can be tank-mixed with other products.

Nature Safe

Meal-based natural and organic fertilizers that increase the soil microbe population which aids in plant rooting, stress tolerance and disease management.


OMRI determines which input products are allowed for use in organic processing or production under the USDA’s National Organic Program.

Organic Control, Inc.

Orcon’s product line features live beneficial insects, live mason bees for pollination, fly parasites, and organic repellants and soil amendments.

Perdue AgriRecycle

MicroStart 60 is a biologically active organic fertilizer with a consistent N-P-K analysis of 4-2-3. OMRI and NOP-approved without restrictions.


BrowseBan is a natural animal repellent that reduces animal browsing on crop plants. Apply with conventional ground and handheld spray equipment.

Rocky Mountain Bio Products

Natural organic fertilizers and soil amendments that are beneficial for soil structure, plant health and plant growth.


OMRI-certified CheckMate products for integrated pest management. Suterra puts you in control with pheromone-based products.

Tiger-Sul Products

Tiger Iron fertilizer features a formulation of granular micronutrients. Tiger 0-0-0-90 Sulfur is a granular product that will improve soil sulfur levels.

Tree World Plant Care Prod.

Plantskydd deters deer, rabbits, elk, voles and other herbivores from eating plants. Does not wash off in the rain or with watering.

U.S. Ag

MIN-TEC contains trace minerals found in the ocean. Minerals are balanced in a soluble form. Use to improve crop health and yields. 

Vermont Compost Co.

Manure compost and Com-post Plus with organic and mineral amendments. Fort Vee, Fort Light and Perennial/Large Container Mix potting soils.