Stop the Bleeding

WoundSeal from Biolife LLC is a topical powder that stops bleeding instantly and seals and protects a wound. Offering QR powder technology, WoundSeal provides application through two options: WoundSeal Pour Pack, two easy-tear packages with directional pour, and WoundSeal+Applicator, two applications with applicators to apply to head wounds, nosebleeds and hard-to-reach wounds.

Spooky, Scary Superfreaks

Siegers Seed Co. introduces its specialty line of Superfreak Pumpkins and Gourds; Knuckle Head, Goose Bumps and Gremlins. Knuckle Head (105 days and 12 to 16 pounds) and Goose Bumps (95 days and 8 to 12 pounds), are pie-sized, full-sized and reliably and heavily warted pumpkins. Gremlins is a new, 100-day maturity, large-sized variety with various solid and speckled vibrant colors and unique shapes, such as stars, wings, acorns, mushrooms, necks and more.

Wipe Out Weeds

GrassWorks Weed Wiper weed control system eliminates drift and drip onto crops. The system features a rotating drum covered in a carpet material that is saturated with weed control chemicals. It rotates opposite to the direction of travel, which allows the chemical to be applied to the bottom or underside of the leaves and stems. The adjustable height ranges from 0 inches to 4 feet. Normal operating speeds are 8 to 12 mph for 8.5 acres per hour with 10-foot units.

Units range from 3 to 30 feet. The 6, 10, 12 and 15-foot pull-type models are designed to be pulled with a four-wheeler or tractor. Hydraulic units are 6 to 30-feet and designed with three-point linkage for tractor mount. Optional foam markers are available.

Keep It Rolling

The new Garden Cart from Richfield Industries has an 8.5-cubic-foot, 300-pound capacity. It features a .300-gauge poly tub; 1-inch O.D. 16-gauge tube handle and support; black powder-coated steel; and 2×4 pockets for load stabilization. Built-in eyebolts for bungee cords help secure loads. A trailer option is coming soon.

Growing and Floating

The Ponic 2-Tier System from FarmTek is built in 8-foot long by 4-foot wide by 4-foot high increments, for a system in any size. Two tiers increase the amount of growing space, with 36 inches between tiers. Using a hydroponic water culture raft system, plants float in a basin of nutrient-rich and aerated water. With additional components, the system may also be used for aeroponics (plant cultivation in an air or mist environment) and aquaponics (the cultivation of plants and fish), as well as other hydroponic applications.

The system’s frame is constructed of 14-gauge galvanized steel pipe and galvanized roll-formed steel, and the 36 mil liner measures 62.75 inches by 114 inches. The 2-pound-density, Cross-Linked HDPE Foam floats on top of the water basin to provide support to root systems.

Choose between an Active Aqua Commercial Air Pump, available in 70-liter and 110-liter models, and a Sweetwater 1 hp Regenerative Blower. Pair pumps or blowers with an Active Aqua Pumice Air Stone or a Sweetwater Ceramic Air Stone.