Sakata Seed America has announced their GSPP certification as of May 2015. This new certification will bring added value to Sakata’s distributor network and their customers, and serves as a promising opportunity for future growth in the industry.

GSPP, or ‘Good Seed and Plant Practices’ accreditation is an accreditation system based on a process approach (prophylactic measures) to prevent seed and plant transmitted pathogens in tomato seed. The GSPP accreditation process is a lengthy process dedicated to ensuring seed is immaculately clean and free of pathogens and disease through a company-audit examining quality management, protocol procedures and work methods. GSPP seed provides added benefit to the grower by ensuring that the purchased seed is clean, pure and unable to spread disease to other crops in their program.  GSPP applies to the tomato crop and is mainly concerned with the pathogen, Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. Michiganensis, or Cmm.

GSPP accreditation is a voluntary process which recognizes an organization for respecting the rules of GSPP and its ability to be competent to produce and market tomato seed free of Cmm.  The procedure is extensive and requires true dedication from the company in question. Accredited companies must have a quality management system, work methods and information supply that comply with the high GSPP standard.

“Sakata is committed to providing the market with the quality products they need to be successful. Offering GSPP certified seed is an extension of that commitment. Now growers that really need GSPP product can get the quality Sakata varieties they want with this added value,” states Rhonda Jones, Sakata’s Logistics and Operations Manager.

Sakata Seed America is now authorized to store, treat, process package and distribute GSPP certified tomato seed for the NAFTA market. Sakata Seed America’s sister company, SVE, based in France, has been GSPP accredited since July 29, 2010.

Moving forward, Sakata will now offer customers the following commercial varieties as GSPP. The list of varieties offering GSPP certified seed will continue to grow as varieties continue to be developed.