PowerFold Hitches

Laforge expanded the GreenLink line of hitches for John Deere tractors with the introduction of the heavy-duty HD6/7R PowerFold model for the standard 7R Series. The John Deere hitch-ready factory option is not required for this hitch. The patented PowerFold system, which allows the operator to fold and unfold the hitch from the cab, is standard on this model. With a lift capacity of 14,100 pounds, this front hitch system is designed for dozer blades and tillage equipment. Options include remote switches, hydraulic center link, FlexiMass ballast system, EasyMass weights, and Laforge’s full line of automatic control systems, including DynaContour.

http://www.fronthitch.com, 800-422-5636

Revised Plant Health App

Spectrum Technologies launched a revised version of the FieldScout GreenIndex+ plant health app, available on iOS devices version 6.0 and above. The app captures differences in relative greenness between corn leaves to facilitate fertilization decisions in the V6 growth stage and beyond. Measurements generated using the Dark Green Color Index (DGCI) are converted to relative SPAD measurements. The new averaging feature allows growers to obtain and compare greenness levels across field samples and compare them with samples obtained from a high-nitrogen test strip. Additional enhancements include the ability to use widely established nitrogen recommendation models to generate fertilizer recommendations, which can be shown in metric or imperial units. The app also has a general setting for detecting and monitoring changes in greenness across other types of plant leaves. All data is logged and georeferenced and can be emailed to a personal computer for further analysis. The app upgrade also includes the ability to open log files directly into Microsoft Excel.

http://www.specmeters.com, 800-248-8873