Big John Mfg.

The Computrol II seed placement monitor comes with a console, mounting bracket, heavy-duty 12-foot cable, seed sensor cable ends and more.

Campbell Scientific

LoggerNet 4 software for dataloggers supports programming, communication and data retrieval. Works well in large datalogger networks.


Offers mobile and portable two-way radios with 15 miles of clear range and no airtime charges. Sales and service of many brands.

Crop Data Management Systems

Advisor is a comprehensive Web-based agronomy management system featuring mapping, planting, sampling, scouting, nutrition, crop protection and more.


SmartCrop notifies growers via Internet or cell phone when irrigation is needed. Infrared sensors above the crop canopy detect when plants are under stress.


The PocketClock/GPS for BlackBerry is a flexible, automated time and attendance system. Time records are sent wirelessly to the office.

Farm Works Software

The Farm Works Juno is a durable, compact field computer that offers photo capture, GPS positioning, boundary mapping, drainage management and more.

Hanna Instruments

The HI 96801 digital refractometer measures from 0 to 85 percent Brix. It is portable and water-resistant, and uses the refractive index to display sugar content.

Mobile FarmWare

PieceWorker is a data collection system used to track hourly and piece-rate work. WAMS is an accounting system designed for agricultural use.

Myron L Co.

Offers water quality instruments, including the Ultrameter II, that can be used to measure pH, electrical conductivity, salinity and more.

New Avionics Corp.

The Ice*Meister 9734 industrial ice-detecting sensor system consists of a sensor head, cable and interface board and runs on a variety of power sources.

Onset Computer Corp.

HOBOnode wireless sensors monitor temperature and soil moisture conditions and transmit data to computers. Integrated, solar-rechargeable batteries.

Orange Enterprises

A solution for traceability and compliance with PTI, P.E.T. Tiger collects hours and piece-rate payroll information using scannable tags worn by employees.

Red Wing Software

CenterPoint Payroll is designed to efficiently manage simple and complex payrolls. Meets H-2A government requirements and offers automated state/federal forms.

Shur Farms Frost Protection

Cold Air Drain is an environmentally friendly frost protection unit, available in a variety of size and power options. Personalized system designs.

Spectrum Technologies is a Web access service that enables growers to view current weather conditions from all WatchDog 2000 weather stations.


FarmLogic combines a Trimble Nomad hand-held, online module, mobile GPS, satellite field imagery, inclusive chemical database and georeferenced photos.


TimePilot Extreme is a rugged, weatherproof time and attendance system. Employees clock in and out by tapping their iButton to the battery-powered clock.

Unisun Software

Envio automates all activities from the grower produce receipt to providing detailed settlements. Offers full integration with GTIN and complies with PTI.

Valley Irrigation

GPS Guidance for Corners uses satellite-based RTK to accurately steer corner machines around the field for precise application of water and other inputs.