A Cut Above
Turf Teq has introduced the model 1305BC Brush Cutter. This unit features a 13 hp Honda engine and is self-propelled with a fully hydrostatic forward/reverse transmission. The machine also features a variable-angle cutting head allowing the operator to cut under fences, trees and other difficult-to-mow areas. On hillsides, the pivoting feature adds stability by increasing the machine’s overall ground contact pattern. The deck pivots incrementally to the left up to 1 foot beyond the handlebars. The deck also has an adjustable cutting height.

The operating speed is infinitely variable with the forward/reverse control lever. All controls are located at the operator handlebars. The model 1305BC also features a multiuse tractor with quick-attach that can be converted to operate a Power Edger, Power Broom or Power Rake.

Get Lost, Have Fun
Maize Quest introduces its new TextPlay Text Messaging Game for your farm or maze. Place game stations inside your corn maze or farm market or place options in your advertising to engage customers on their mobile phones.

The Roar of the Pump
Cat Pumps expanded its 60 Frame Triplex Plunger Pumps to 75 GPM. The new 75 GPM performance is available in three models to cover a variety of industrial liquid applications: 6775 brass, 6771 stainless steel and 6777 nickel aluminum bronze (NAB). These models feature a special guided valve design, providing added strength and durability under high-flow operation.

V-packings are lubricated and cooled by the liquid being pumped; oil bath crankcase assures optimum lubrication.

Optional seals and O-rings provide compatibility and added life with a variety of industrial liquids.

Go Ahead and Trip Up
The TB25 Series front-mounted Trip Edge Blade from Land Pride is adapted for quick-attach front mounting on 30-80 hp skid steers and on tractors equipped with front loaders that have quick-attach-type adapter mounting plates. These blades are primarily designed for snow removal operations in the forward operating mode only. They are also capable of pushing light aggregate materials such as pea gravel or livestock feed such as shelled or ground corn and silage. Their trip edge design provides improved protection against blade damage when unexpected ground obstacles are encountered.