It’s Just That Simple

Dirt Simple Compost Tea Brewers from Green Pro provide consistent, high-quality compost tea. Its air blower creates turbulence to shake the microbes off of the compost. To simplify cleaning, the cone-shaped tank has no hard to reach corners; there is no plumbing inside the tank to disassemble, clean and reassemble; and the air hose is designed to keep compost tea out of the air blower, even if the electricity goes off. Cleaning tools are included with each brewer, along with three prepaid compost tea test kits. Sizes range from 30 to 1,000 gallons.

Go Ahead, Be a Drip

The Asta Drip Pressure-Compensating Spike Dripper is now available from Antelco Corp. The new PC emitter incorporates a turbulent flow path with self-flushing action, an insect baffle to minimize blockages and a factory-sealed design to maintain preset discharge rates and uniformity.

Available in three color-coded flow rates: .5, 1 and 2 GPH. The inlet barb has a built-in filter and the outlet is suitable for attaching .16-inch micro tube. Unit is made of UV-stabilized materials for long life and chemical resistance and is well suited for nursery and landscape applications.

Bubble Up from the Bottom

EP Aeration offers its bottom-laid, fine-bubble aeration systems for oxygen transfer and circulation in water treatment applications, including water quality issues such as high biochemical oxygen demand, nuisance algae, odors, low dissolved oxygen, high dissolved metals, sludge accumulation and turbidity. The keel weighting ensures that the tubing lies on the bottom, at the sludge layer, with the air release slits always upright.

Available with air release slits cut on 6-inch centers, 3-inch centers and 1.5-inch centers, the tubing can also be manufactured in triple cut, or three air release slits at each position. The air release slits are cut to produce a calculated bubble size and rate of rise (no more than .8 feet per second).

The precise cut and material memory ensure that the slits only open with 2 PSI or more of pressure, and close immediately on shutdown. This ensures that minimal amounts of water and/or dirt can enter the tubing, minimizing cleaning and maintenance.

Need a Lift?

Hyster Co. has introduced the new E30-40HSD2 series of electric stand-up lift trucks. The three-wheel lift truck series delivers lifting capacities of 3,000 to 4,000 pounds. The E30-40HSD2 lift trucks feature suspended floor plates with anti-fatigue mats that absorb and reduce the transmission of vibration and shock to the operator by 25 percent. The trucks also utilize multi-function control handles, as well as a low-effort hydraulic control, flex-stance compartment and optional integral side shift. The operator controls are positioned to allow a side stance or 45-degree stance. The contoured, wraparound, padded backrest with integrated thigh and kneepads, anti-fatigue floor mat and suspended floor significantly reduce the transmission of vibrations for further operator comfort.

The E30-40HSD2 lift trucks’ top and front console covers are made of a crack-resistant ABS polymer and include large storage areas for operator convenience. The brushless AC traction and hydraulic motors, powered by transistor controls, reduce maintenance costs and enhance productivity.