Find Your Profit Points

Red Wing Software, Inc. announces the release of the CenterPoint Ratio Module for CenterPoint Accounting for Agriculture. The Ratio Module allows owners and managers to track the overall financial condition of their operations over a period of time. The success, progress or even shortfalls of an operation can be pinpointed and addressed, so profits can be increased and negative trends reversed.

There is no additional setup required within CenterPoint to utilize the CenterPoint Ratios module; the data is pulled from categories already entered into the software. A wide variety of ag industry standard ratios are included to calculate the financial analysis patterns and the comparisons of benchmarks in an operation. Included are guidelines developed by the Ferguson Group for 33 ratios and indices, as well as the Sweet Sixteen ratios recommended by the Farm Financial Standards Council.

Bound for Sales Success

Willsie Equipment Sales, Inc. introduces its new semiautomatic rubber banding vegetable Buncher. The mechanical rubber-banding machine applies a rubber band to any vegetable bundle. Features a foot pedal control to make binding easier and faster.

Get a Handle on Harvest

The PA 1400 Motorized Picking Assistant from CropCare Equipment is designed for harvesting, weeding, planting and bed maintenance. Standard features include deep cycle 12-volt battery and charger; durable vinyl canopy; two high-torque planetary gear motors for forward and reverse motion; and adjustable vinyl-covered foam pads. Picking height adjustment is from 20 to 30 inches; width adjustment is 36 to 66 inches; and ground speed is approximately 18 feet per minute or .21 mph. A large produce tray holds five flats.