What Is Best Shade Cloth For Plants And How To Choose & Buy

A shade cloth for plants comes in handy, especially during summer when you don’t want the sunlight to directly hit your plants or vegetables on your raised garden, greenhouse, high tunnels, etc. The problem comes in deciding which is the best shade cloth for plants. How do you choose the best for plants? What should you look out for?

In this guide, we will discuss all details regarding shade cloth for plants. We will begin by understanding how you choose the ideal things for plants and mention key factors to consider. Further, we will mention where to buy shade fabrics for your garden. Let’s dig in!

How to Choose Shade Cloth for Plants

How you care for your plants determines the quality of the produce. You need a shade cloth to take care of your plants during the hot session to avoid them drying up. Not all shade cloth works the same. Therefore, you must ensure you only get the best in the market. Luckily, we will guide you in deciding the best shade cloth for plants.

Consider the factors below in choosing a shade cloth.

1.      Shade Cloth Density

Source: squarefootgardening.com

Different shade cloths have different densities. The density represents the amount of sunlight allowed to reach plants in your garden, greenhouse, etc. For instance, if you get a 40% shade cloth for tomatoes, it will block 40% of sunlight from penetrating and allow 60% to penetrate.

Different plants require different cloth densities. Here’s the thing: research the appropriate cloth density required for your plants depending on your region. Once you have the density, look for a shade cloth that offers such density.

2.      The Type of the Cloth Fabric

You can choose between a woven shade cloth and a knitted shade cloth. Knitted shade cloth is lightweight, polyethylene, less strong, but cheaper. owever, if you want a strong and heavier shade cloth, a woven shade cloth is your best option.

3.      The Color of the Shade Cloth

Shade cloth for plants comes in different colors. You will find that a white for plants works best with flowering plants. A dark-colored shade cloth absorbs heat, while light colors reflect the heat.

The bottom line is that you need to understand your plant to decide which one suits them best.

4.      Brand of the Company

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Different companies are dealing with manufacturing and selling shade cloth for plants. So, how do you decide which company to trust to deliver the best for your case?

It’s simple! First, look for public views about the company. That will give you a hint about the quality of their shade cloth. Also, visit the company’s website. The idea is to understand how the company creates the shade cloth and the materials they use.

For instance, if you are considering getting your shade cloth from a supplier, visit its website and conduct due diligence. Visit its “About Us” page to learn more about the company. Also, check its FAQs and the various products it offers. From that, you will know whether the company can meet your needs.

Moreover, look for a brand that has established itself. Look for a company that offers samples to help you decide whether to go ahead with making your order.

What’s the bottom line? Ensure you conduct due diligence about the company selling the shade cloth.

5.      Location of the Company

The farming cost determines the selling price for your plants. Therefore, it’s worth considering the location of the company selling the shade cloths. The most cost-effective companies dealing with shade cloths are mainly in Asia countries like China, India, and Vietnam. You will find that companies in these locations sell similar quality shade cloth much cheaper than local companies in America and Europe.

So, confirm the pricing for shade cloths in the local companies and overseas. If you can get better prices by importing your shade cloths for plants, that’s better than using low-quality and expensive clothes from local brands.

Where to Buy Shade Fabric for Your Garden

Source: ysnetting.com

There are various places to buy shade fabric for your garden. You can search for local stores in your area, look for online stores or directly buy from one shade fabric manufacturer like ysnetting.

Most nearby stores sell shade fabric more expensive compared to sourcing them from online stores. Besides, the quality of shade fabric sold by most nearby stores is questionable. An online search will reveal many online stores selling shade fabrics.

Notable online stores include eBay, Amazon, AliExpress, Alibaba, etc. If you compare online stores and nearby stores, you will confirm that the prices are different. However, online stores, despite selling shade fabrics, most online stores don’t manufacture this.

Therefore, the best place to buy shade fabric would be directly from this manufacturer. That way, you can get free samples, usage instructions, and better pricing. Moreover, dealing with this manufacturer gives you room to analyze the raw materials used during manufacturing and gives you the flexibility to buy in bulk.

It would be best to check out this manufacturer. They offer quality shade fabrics, have good customer reviews, have years of experience dealing with this, are reliable, etc. Their website outlines everything you want to know about them to help you quickly contact them and purchase your shade fabric.

Before deciding where to buy your shade fabrics, refer to the factors mentioned earlier. If the dealer meets them all, go ahead and buy from them. That way, you will get quality for plants.


Deciding the best for plants and where to source the shade fabrics shouldn’t be challenging. In this guide, we’ve discussed what it takes to get the best for plants. Moreover, we’ve discussed where to source the shade fabrics. Hopefully, you can now comfortably get the best from the best manufacturer.