10 Most Popular Lawn Mower Types You Should Know About – 2024 Guide

Mowing is art, and with it comes the necessary equipment needed to get the job done. This will depend on your yard size, strength, time as well as ability to mow, among other things. Therefore, what type of lawn mower do you need for your lawn and do you know the types available. Here is a look at some popular ones.

1. Walk-behind self-propelled lawn mower

This type of device is designed to drive itself via a transmission that propels it, so you do not need to push it all over your yard. However, you will need to steer and guide it as you mow.

Nonetheless, you should take note that it does not come cheap in terms of price and maintenance. This is due to its heavy-duty motor for self-movement as well as its design mechanics. However, it is still worth all the cost, especially if you have a big yard to cover with less strength.

2. Walk-behind push mower

Walk-behind push mower
source: snapper.com

This one you push as you mow. It is widely used due to its low-cost maintenance as well as price. You can find it with different engine types, but all that power is for grass cutting, as you push it where you need to mow.

Moreover, they have a rotary or reel feature for the blades and can be electric-powered or gas-powered. You can make use of this guide when making a buying choice.

Nonetheless, it is very easy to handle, but you still need to be a bit stronger for easy mowing. After all, you get to work out as you make your yard neat.

3. Riding Mowers

These are best suited for larger lawns. They have fitted seats as well as controls, so you just sit and control it as you mow your vast yard. You can find some with a manual transmission, while others will have hydrostatic transmission.

They do not come cheap, especially those with hydrostatic transmission. Nonetheless, they are easier to use and are designed for greater performance as well as turning in tight spaces. You can even cut grass that grows close to the landscape with ease, despite the obstacles.

4. Rough-cut mowers

These are the best option for those with thick and rough grass to cut, as they can handle the tough job. However, they will not give you a polished look like others. Therefore, for regular yards, they might not be the best choice, as they will tear up the normal grass due to their size, weight, and power.

This mower has a heavier sturdy blade and is made from strong durable materials. It can cut through dense material without slowing down, with the chassis being reinforced so that there are zero problems during use.

5. Robotic lawn mower

This type can mow your lawn unsupervised. You just turn it on and let it wonder in your yard as it cuts the grass. You can even make it cut your grass at night, thanks to its quiet operation.

This mows within the area you establish via its boundary wire. The boundary wire defines the whole area that needs to be mowed. This boundary wire can also help it locate a recharging dock.

Therefore, if you have no time to be physically present and mow your lawn, you can consider this type of mower for your yard.

6. Remote control mowers

Remote control mowers
source: youtube

As much as these types of grass cutters are not common, they are ideal for those who feel unsafe mowing with other types. They are heavy-duty and designed to be very productive and safe when it comes to grass mowing.

Moreover, they can handle steep slopes up to 55 degrees, without tipping over. This makes them ideal for use in hills. You can also use them to cut grass near an active train, just to keep yourself safe.

7. Tow-behind lawn mowers

This one attaches to the back of an ATV or tractor. Their deck is large, thus allowing for large grass coverage at once. You can also opt to use them at low or high speeds.

You can also use them in large overgrown fields, thanks to their level of durability that gives them the ability to cut rough grass and weeds.

8. Rotary Mowers

This type cuts grass with just one rotating blade, which is horizontal. It has a fan-like action that creates a vacuum, thus sucking the grass into the blade.

You can find it being powered electrically or by gas. It is also available in self-propelled, manual mowers and rides on models. You can opt for any depending on your patio size.

9. Reel lawn mowers

These are environmentally friendly as they do not have an engine and do not require electricity, oil, or gas and only run on your power. This feature also makes them quiet during use.

However, it is not suitable for yards with taller grass or uneven lawns, as they tend to roll over rather than cut the stubborn weeds.

10. Hover lawn mowers

Hover lawn mowers
source: toro.com

This type is known to produce a cushion of air underneath it, as it rides on top of it. You can move it with ease sideways, back and forth. This makes them ideal for cutting grass on very tight spots, steep slopes, high weeded areas, as well as grass at the waterfronts.

However, they are not so great with uneven lawns or lawns with rough terrain and are hard to use on edges. You will also need to drag it along or carry it when you want to use it, as they have no wheels.