7 Labeling and Marketing Tips for Agricultural Products in 2022

When trying to sell any kind of product nowadays, you need to advertise it to reach potential customers. This is true for any type of merchandise, and agricultural ones are no different. People who manufacture these on their farms, especially small ones, don’t believe that marketing strategies are necessary. After all, they have loyal customers … Read more

Why You Should Be Considering Dumpster Rental

Why You Should Be Considering Dumpster Rental

Now, whether you are moving out or simply doing some regular monthly cleaning chances are you might come across many items that you consider unnecessary. And what do you do with these items? Well, you would regularly throw them away, but now your bin is too small. Do you really have enough time to go … Read more

Five Questions with Michael Williamson of A&B Packing

A&B Packing

According to their website, A&B Packing Equipment is a family owned U.S. company with a multi-agricultural background. We design and manufacture cutting-edge equipment for the 21st Century that enables growers to meet the challenges of cleaning, grading, weighing and packaging fresh produce in the most innovative, gentle, accurate, and speed-efficient ways possible. Growing Magazine: With the addition of the Lakewood Process Machinery product … Read more