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4 Unique Examples of Recently Successful Food Marketing Strategies – 2021 Guide


Food is more than just about fuel, it is an integral part of our lives and often accompanies much of the communication we do with others. Celebrations …

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How to Start Your Very Own Rural Tourism?


Rural tourism is very much becoming one of the most lucrative business ideas and one that has gained lots of attention lately. Whether it’s the clean …

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Best Farms for Crowdfunding in Africa


First things first, you should know that this piece is written with respect to the arable farmlands in sub-Saharan Africa. All the examples here will be …

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How Can You Benefit From Slice App


You are back home after a long day of work and you are feeling hungry. And even though you may like cooking you simply don’t have …

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6 Gardening Instagram Accounts To Follow Right Now


There is nothing as soothing as waking up to a fresh and green garden. Many people love to live by nature whereas others make their own …

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What is the new Kiku Apple and is it sweet?


A completely new apple variety is set to come to the USA market. It is expected to become a fan favorite among the sweet apple lovers. …

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Are the Giant African Land Snails Finally Gone from Florida?


Not long ago, South Florida was overflowing with giant African land snails. This exotic pets is feeds on more than 500 different of plants and causes …

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How to Successfully Grow Seedless Watermelon


Seedless watermelon growth requires much more management and attention to detail, than the growing and production of regular seeded watermelons. Some extra steps are necessary to …

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Xanthohumol has shown to lowers cholesterol, blood sugar and weight gain in lab tests


Oregon State University conducted a study that identified specific intake levels of xanthohumol, which is a natural flavonoid that is found in hops, significantly improve some …

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How to Choose the Best Farm Tractor for You – Five Essential Tips


When it comes to functionality and versatility, there are few, if any, machines that can come near a tractor, especially on a farm. Modern farming is …

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BioSafe Systems announced the hire of John David Cass as Technical Representative for the Mid-Southern Region including Texas, New Mexico, Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma, for the agrichemical division, supporting …

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Growing The Market Share


J.Glebocki Farms in Goshen, N.Y., has a long history of farming the region’s famous muck soils. John Glebocki, a fifth-generation farmer, has been operating J. Glebocki …

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Producers set promotions with health benefits out front The coming year promises to be a healthy one for nut growers. Numerous programs, from pecans to pistachios, …

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Connecting Directly with Consumers


Reaching out in the real world and online Whether enticing customers to visit your farm, shop at your farm market or look for your label at …