8 Best Snow Blowers in 2024

If you live in a place where heavy snowfall is not rare you most likely want to own a good snowblower. They are very expensive but are a good investment because they can last you for more than 40 years.

Here is the list of some of the best snow blowers in 2024:

1. Troy-Bilt Squall 208cc Electric Start 21-Inch Single Stage Gas Snow Thrower

source: northerntool.com

The Troy-Bilt Gas Snow Thrower is very maneuverable and effective. Buyers are mostly satisfied with the way it clears the snow. It includes a 208cc four-cycle overhead valve engine with gas. You start this machine by pressing a special button.

This snow blower is able to clear a 21-inch-wide path and works with 13 inches of snow. It comes with a two-way polymer chute that is able to spin for 180 degrees and throw the snow exactly where it needs to go. Since it is a single-stage blower it has a limited throwing distance.

The cons of this machine are its small wheels which can sometimes get trapped in the snow. This is one of the best snow blowers on the market especially considering its’ price.

2. Ariens Deluxe 28 Gas Snow Blower

source: homedepot.com

Ariens Deluxe is an excellent but expensive snowblower. It is the best one for tough winters. It has a 254cc two-stage gas engine and also comes with a 14-inch auger made out of steel. This device can clear an impressive 28-inch width of snow and height of 21-inch.

Its’ snow throwing chute can throw snow for about 50 feet. Ariens Deluxe features a special crank that allows 200-degree rotation. This machine has an electric push-button, wheels that are 16 inches big and comes with auto-turn steering which is why it is easy to use. This snow blower also comes with various lights, safety features, different speeds, and other useful features. It also comes with a five-year warranty.

It can be a little tricky to manage on uneven surfaces, but it is still a very powerful machine.

3. Cub Cadet 2X 24-inch Snow Blower

source: homedepot.com

The Cub Cadet 24-inch 208cc snowblower is also very expensive and a bit smaller which makes it easier to use and store. It comes with a special gas-powered blower that includes an amazing overhead-valve four-cycle two-stage engine and has an electric start button as well. It is great because of its’ 24-inch-wide and 21-inch-high clearance. It is very powerful and can clear snowfall easily.

This self-propelled device includes six forward speeds as well as two reverse speeds which makes it easy to manage. Cub Cadet is made out of rust-resistant material and comes with reversible skid shoes.

The great thing about this snow blower is the fact it has a four-way pitch control snow chute. It comes with big lights and amazing control options. Some people say that the chute joystick is a bit harder to operate with but this is still one of the best machines on this list.

4. Troy-Bilt Storm 2660

source: movingsnow.com

The Troy-Bilt Storm 2660 has an amazing power and is a 208cc two-stage gas blower. It has a specific extended chute design which is how it stops the snow from falling back. Its’ fast accelerator spins much better than the average ones so it is able to go through heavy snow and ice.

This machine can clear 12-inches deep of snow and has a 26-inch-wide path which allows you to get the job done in a short amount of time. It comes with a push-button start, joystick controller and has a one-handed control system. This machine does all the work for you due to its’ amazing self-propelled power steering.

Some people have trouble starting this machine after a couple of years, most often caused by issues with the fuel. It is very important to take care of this device properly as it’s written in the instructions.

5. Husqvarna ST 224 Gas Snow Blower

source: amazon.com

Husqvarna Gas Snow Blower is the best one for clearing the hills or steep driveways. This self-propelled snowblower is 208cc two-stage gas machine and comes with electric start, various lightning as well as heated handles. It is a quiet device an is able to clear a 24-inch-by-23-inch area of snow. It features non-marking skids so your driveway won’t be damaged.

This machine does all the work for you no matter if you are going uphill or downhill. It comes with six different forward speeds and reverse speeds. It is very easy to use.

6. Cub Cadet 3X 26-Inch Snow Blower

source: homedepot.com

Cub Cadet Three-Stage Snow Blower is a 357cc four-cycle OHV machine that comes with electric push-button, great dual LED headlights as well as heated handgrips. With this snow blower, you will be able to clear wet snow and ice without any problems. It features good quality tires and TRAC drive. It has various lights that make cleaning the snow during nighttime much easier and it is able to clean 26-inch width and 40-inch height of snow.

This device is easy to control and it tackles heavy snowfall very well. It can be harder to move since it is heavier than average snow blowers.

7. EGO Single Stage Snow Blower

source: homedepot.com

The EGO Single Stage Snow Blower is smaller and not as powerful compared to some of the previous snow blowers, but it is great if you live in the area with less snowfall since it’s easier to store and manage.

It includes a pair of EGO rechargeable 5.0Ah 56-volt ARC lithium batteries. Battery life is limited but they charge very fast. This machine is little and easy to use. It has LED headlights and a brushless motor.

8. Briggs and Stratton 1022ER Single Stage Snow Thrower

source: homedepot.com

The Briggs and Stratton Single Stage Snow Thrower is a very compact machine and is great for flat surfaces. It is a 208cc single-stage gas-powered device and comes with push-button starter and has great crank-based chute controls. This snow blower features a rubber-edged auger that keeps the machine clean. It comes with a quick-adjust deflector as well.