How Conservation Affects Zoo Animal Habitats

A zoo is not just a place to see animals—it is a place of education. And the heart of every modern zoo is conservation. What Is Conservation? Conservation is the process of protecting and preserving natural resources so future generations can enjoy them. You conserve natural landscapes by taking steps to maintain the diverse flora … Read more

How to Identify and Control Garden Pests in Malaysia

Gardens are an important part of the Malaysian landscape, providing beauty and a place for relaxation. Unfortunately, they can also be prone to pest infestations which can wreak havoc on our beloved plants. Fortunately, there are many steps that gardeners in Malaysia can take to identify and control garden pests. From using natural traps to … Read more

How To Kill Rats Without Harming Other Animals

Rats are interesting when you look at them from the side. If you have to face them, they can be a real enemy. Strong, persistent, and relentless, rats are a hard breed to handle. Of course, there are ways to deal with them, but you need to be careful. Most people who discover they have … Read more