7 Things To Consider When Choosing A Florist

With numerous things to consider when looking for flowers for your special day, one thing that stands out is the florist. If you want to have the best bouquet for your occasion, you have to make the right choice regarding the florist. There are so many flower shops online today, and if you’re not careful, you may end up in the wrong one.

Not every flower is perfect for the occasion, and if you don’t know the kind of arrangement you need for your ceremony, then a reliable florist comes in handy.

How then do you get this reliable florist?

1. The design

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How is the florist’s design? Look at their past works on platforms like Instagram, their websites, and any other place they’ve displayed their work. You need a good idea of what their style is- that will help you know if they match what you desire for your occasion.

Everyone has their style; it’s what tickles you when you see that display of bouquets as you walk down the aisle. If not correctly done to your style, you’re most likely going to have a long day.

Are they close to what you envision, or do a few things need to be tweaked? If they can tweak to whatever style or style, it means they’ve experienced in the industry and, therefore, are well-suited to work with.

2. Their prices

You don’t want to commit yourself to working with a florist who will blow your budget; neither do you want someone who charges too cheaply to indicate some things will miss in their package. All you’re looking for is a reputable florist who offers excellent services at reasonable fees.

You need to see more of the budget go to the flowers as it’s going to the work. That means the florist is investing in valuable flowers that will make your day outstanding. The person should justify their charges through the output of their work.

Remember, too cheap is too dangerous to go for. Most newbies and rogues would want to publicly show how affordable they are, so you consider them for hire. But immediately they get you into their “net,” they’ll begin to pull a few costs here and there, and by the end of the day, you may end up paying for more that you’d budgeted for.

3. Experience

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The florist’s experience will determine whether they’ll do a great job or just some child’s play. If they’ve been in the industry for, say, ten years, serving clients daily, what would tell you that they can’t deliver?

Most likely, they’re best fitted for the job. Every day, they’ve seen different designs; styles come and go, and therefore, yours either fits what they know, or they can tweak a few things. But some other times, you may find that a greener florist might be better- they tend to have fresh and creative energy.

Their attitude also has a lot of enthusiasm, and they’re open-minded. Some experienced ones also have such but on rare occasions. That’s usually because everyone would want to do what they’re used to and when you come with a new thing, most likely, they will manipulate it, so they fit what they know.

4. Their planning and communication

One of the things you can’t ignore in a florist is their ability to plan and communicate effectively. From your first call, you’ll know whether they have good customer service or they’re just enticing you to sign a contract, and then frustrations begin.

You need a great planner for a florist- someone who can sit down with you, find out your expectations, and plan with you. Then engage you in the execution process, send you an email, or call you through the process until your flowers are delivered.

Avoid the “hit-and-run” kind of florists who want to have the commitment fee from you and then disappear only to appear on the material day.

5. Personality

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Any work of art or design will always depict the ‘touch’ of the creator. What makes one florist different from the other is the personality they add to the work. That means they are passionate about what they do, and when you give them your plan, they can ventilate on it and provide you new ideas on how you can make it better from their experience in doing the work.

Unlike other shops where you buy the product and disappear, a florist sells you the flowers, and they have to follow up to ensure you get what you need- now, only an enthusiastic one will do that. They believe in adding personality to your work, so it comes out nicely.

6. How reliable is the florist?

There’s one thing to be skilled and another to deliver beyond expectations. A florist may be very experienced and very good at their work but unreliable. You plan with them, but they can’t meet their promises. You have to push them to deliver, and some work is left undone until very late.

Most of those who behave that way are experienced florists who have lots of clients to attend to. They want to pick the orders, but when it comes to delivery, they are very poor. To weed out such, talk to them candidly on how many clients they handle in a day or week. In their response, you’ll know if they are genuine or not.

For instance, if a florist tells you that they handle a hundred events in a week and they’ve got a workforce of five, most likely, they’re struggling to deliver, and you don’t expect them to help you so much.

7. The magnitude of the work

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You may have a corporate event or some major occasion that needs some comprehensive décor, including flowers. In that case, you need to get a florist used to deliver flowers for such huge events.

That would mean you need someone with experience in such work. But if you have a small event with limited space, you could even go for a medium florist whose services are less expensive and can deliver pretty well.

Florists are important in our lives. They make out events look different, and they give us great memories to keep.

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