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Are you in the market for a quality rototiller and want to know more about Earthwise’s products? Read along to learn about the company and its most revered land cultivators.

About the Company

Earthwise Electric Tiller - About the CompanyEarthwise Tools is an American company that dates back over 120 years. According to the manufacturer, they’ve been around for nearly every industrial boom the United States has seen. As a matter of fact, they debuted their first lawn tools (manual push lawn mowers) at the 1890 Chicago World Fair.

By 1902, they moved their headquarters to the heart of the country in Muncie, Indiana. There next big move came in 1936. At that time, the company merged with the Great States Corporation of Shelbyville, Indiana. Together, the companies became the leading force behind America’s unstoppable lawn mowing movement.

By the 1950s, Earthwise had opened close to 60 different manufacturing plants. They were producing thousands of rotary and reel mowers. While many manufacturers struggled to thrive in the post-war economy, Earthwise managed to squeeze by producing their own iron. By the early 1990s, the company introduced its first garden cultivators.


Earthwise has made a name for itself by producing a small selection of corded and rechargeable tillers. Their products are affordable and perfect for small jobs.

While the machines are clearly designed for the great outdoors, users will need to find themselves a lengthy power cord to get things started. Of course, the tillers’ push-button starters and lightweight bodies make soil aeration a breeze.

While the Earthwise tillers can put up a good fight, they are backed by a generous 2-year warranty. On top of that, the company sells inexpensive replacement parts. As such, most users get several years of use out of their corded land cultivators.

Assembly and Use

Earthwise tillers require minimal assembly out of the box. You’ll need to attach the handles, power switch, wheels, and a few other small parts. The entire process takes less than a half of an hour. What’s more, the tillers can be assembled without help. Not to mention, you only need a few common tools to finish the task.

Once you have your Earthwise tiller assembled, you’ll need to attach a proper extension cord. After that, push the start button, and the machine will lunge forward at a consistent speed. Pull it back slowly and the tines will dig deep into the freshly turned-over dirt. The Earthwise tillers are extremely compact and lightweight, making them easy to lift over and navigate between rows of delicate plants.

It’s a wise idea to brush off any residual plant matter and dirt after each use. This will cut down on rust and preserve the integrity of the tines. You’ll also need to crease the crankcase every 2 years or so. Other than that, Earthwise tillers are relatively low maintenance.


At around $125, the Earthwise 11-inch 8.5-amp corded rototiller is one of the most affordable land cultivating tools available. Of course, their 16-inch 13.5-amp corded tiller is also a popular seller. Earthwise tillers are some of the most affordable and low-maintenance land cultivation tools that are currently available.

Best Seller

Earthwise Electric Tiller - Best SellerThe top-selling Earthwise tiller is the 11-inch 8.5-amp 120-volt corded tiller/cultivator. This tiller is made with high-quality steel tines with adjustable tilling widths. The tines can be set anywhere from 7 to 11 inches.

As such, this tiller is ideal for narrow beds and larger garden plots. Customers also love this tiller’s retractable wheels, which make the machine easy to tote in and out of storage.

This tiller also has ergonomic handles with cushion grips for easier-than-ever push tilling. Not to mention, it utilizes electric power. With that said, their is no need to stock up on gas and oil. Not to mention, it does not produce exhaust fumes.

Keep in mind that the Earthwise corded tiller needs to be used close to an electric power source. If you’re set on owning a gas-free model, they also make a battery-powered cordless cultivator.

This tool provides just under an hour of use per charge. The powerful lithium-ion battery is incredibly reliable and maintains consistent power. If you need to cultivate a small patch of land that is far from a power source, this is a great alternative to Earthwise’s popular corded tillers.

Final Thoughts

Want to know more about the Earthwise tillers? See how their bests rototillers did in this comprehensive comparative review.

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