Essential Tools To Keep Your Garden Fresh And Healthy

Nature is something beautiful, and being able to keep a part of it in your backyard is an even better thing. People all around the world have switched to gardening and growing their own fruit and vegetables, as we did centuries ago, instead of relying on what you can buy at the supermarket. Gardening is a beautiful thing, and it allows us to find inner peace connecting to nature while still providing ingredients for the fresh and healthy meal.

Though its winter time now it would be good to prepare for spring and have everything needed once the planting spring season arrives. Now, gardening is not that demanding, and you only need a few essential tools to be successful at it. To help you, we came up with a list of top 10 tools for your garden. Let’s take a look!


What Every Gardener Needs


The first and main thing you have to ask yourself is how big of a garden are you planning? If you plan to grow just a few plants in pots and containers, you will not be needing much other than a trowel (hand one) and brush to clean the dirt and plant leftovers. On the other hand, if you are looking at the big garden including trees, flower beds and all kind of berry shrubs you will need a much more complete set that should include:

Tools To Keep Your Garden Fresh


  1. Garden Hoe. This one should be the number one tool on anyone’s It can be used for things such as planting, digging as well as removing weeds. When looking for a garden hoe be sure that it is a one-piece tool. And along with that make sure that the steel blade at the bottom is strong enough to perform all kinds of work. In the end, get a garden hose that has a wooden grip.


  1. Garden Fork. If you plan to have a serious garden getting a good garden fork is crucial – it will work great for digging deep, and you can even use it to separate plants (especially large ones). Again, try to look for a fork that has a one-piece head and look that it is as ergonomic as it can be (your hands will thank you).


  1. Pruning Shears. Pruning shears or the so-called secateurs are essential when you want to prune berry shrubs, trees or flowers. Look for shears with a good locking mechanism, sharp blades and a comfortable grip as you will be using this a lot all year long.


  1. A metal wheelbarrow will work great for carrying compost, or cuttings, and it is much more balanced and comfortable than the plastic one.


  1. Hose Pipe. Of course, your plants need water and the most convenient way of providing water is through a hosepipe. Setting up an irrigation system is more effective but much more expensive as well. Look for a rubber hose pipe and the one that has good enough of a range to reach your whole garden.


  1. Leaf Blower. One thing most people seem to forget is a leaf blower. This little engine powered device will solve you the much trouble of cleaning all the leaves or debris that might form around the plant. With a wide selection of these on you will be able to get the one that best suits your needs. On top of that, some of these machines can help you out in making your own mulch that you can later on use for your garden so choose wisely.


  1. If you want to protect your hands, you are going to need good gloves. Look for the ones that fit right, are water resistant but still breathable. Of course, when you are not using the gloves be sure to store them in a dark and cool place.


  1. Watering Can. When you are not using the hosepipe watering can is a great alternative for smaller plants. Round watering seems to work the best.


  1. Getting a good wooden basket, or a trug will be of great help when you need to transport your flowers from one bed to another, or simply carry the fruit you have picked up. Believe us your basket will fit much more than your hands would.


  1. Last, but not least is a rake. If you are not that into leaf blowers (though we think these are still the best option), you can clean up the debris and leaves using a rake. Be sure to get an adjustable and steel-made one.
Tools To Keep Your Garden Fresh
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If you get these ten tools chances are you will have a great and a trouble free time. Gardening is a beautiful thing, so don’t overcomplicate it stressing or buying things that are of no use. Prepare yourself in the next few months because – spring is coming!