5 Ways to Fix Your Clogged Underground Drain System – 2024 Guide

The underground drain system is something that we know it exists, but we rarely think about it until we notice it is clogged. You can notice that this system is not working properly after a rainy day when the water does not pass through it. The pipes from it are connected to the city’s system, and all the water from your yard should easily pass through them. If you notice that there is something wrong with the system, you should not stress about it, as there are a lot of things you can do to get it fixed. In this article, we are going to give you some advice on how to fix your clogged downspout and how to do it step by step.

1. Try removing the clog with hot water

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When the underground drain system is clogged, it usually means that there is mud in it. Most of the time the mud can stop the water from flowing, and it can easily cause other types of debris to get stuck in the pipes.

The good thing about the downspout getting clogged with mud is that this is an easy fix, and if you notice it before other types of debris start gathering, you won’t need to do a lot, and you can easily get things fixed.

The first thing you want to do is to run your garden water hose down the pipe and see if the water and the force from the hose will help the drain get unclogged. In some cases, this will get rid of the issue, and you won’t have to do anything else.

In case you can see that water is draining a little bit faster through the system, it means that you have to up your game and use hot water. Boil about 10 liters of water to make sure that you have enough water to make a difference. Then pour it down the pipes, making sure you stay safe and don’t burn yourself. Follow the flow and see if the clog is removed. If it is not, then you can try doing some of the other things.

2. Use vinegar and baking soda

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In case you couldn’t clean the drain using water, then it is time to try other things out. As you already know, baking soda and vinegar are a great way to get rid of clogs and to let the water freely pass through the system. Note that this is a way to get rid of things that are partially clogging the system, and in case it is fully clogged, this combination may not work wonders.

To get things cleaned properly, you will need at least one cup of baking soda, and a cup or two of vinegar. The first thing you want to do is to pour the soda down the pipe and follow it with a cup of vinegar. Wait for 10 to 15 seconds and then pour a few cups of boiling water down the pipe.

Depending on the weather, and on the urgency, you can pour the soda and the vinegar and leave them overnight. Don’t forget to use boiling water the next morning to clean the downspout. You should rinse with cold water. Check to see if the issue is fixed.

3. Consult the professionals

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If the first two things on this list did not help you, maybe it is time to consult the professionals. Note that it is always better to call the service when cleaning this part of your house than to risk causing permanent damage. Some people choose to go with harsh chemicals that will damage the pipes, and they realize that when it is already too late. Replacing the whole system will cost a lot, so it is better to get help from a trained crew than to break things when you are trying to fix them.

According to lpgs.com.au, the right service can help you diagnose the issue, find the exact place where the drain is clogged, and they will help you get rid of the clog fast and efficiently. Note that sometimes the issue may be greater than you think it is, and a professional plumber will help you throughout the whole process. They can also help you with the replacement if needed, and teach you how to make sure your drains stay unclogged.

4. A plumber’s snake can help you

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A plumber’s snake is another way that you can remove debris from your pipes. Note that there is a difference between the standard equipment used in the household, and the ones used for this system. You will need a longer one, and one that could easily pull out bigger debris.

You can choose to purchase it, or rent it, and make sure you read the user’s manual before you try and use it. Take your time, lower it slowly until you can feel you’ve gotten to the clog. Grab the debris, twist, and pull back slowly. If you feel too big of resistance, don’t try to use too much force because you risk damaging the equipment and the pipes. When you remove the clog, pour hot water down the drain to make sure everything is cleaned.

5. Use a blow bag

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The last thing you can try to use if you want to fix your clogged downspout is to use a blow bag. There are two types of bags, one that works with pressured air, and another one that works with pressured water. The latter should be attached to your garden hose, and once it is filled with water, you should push the bag as far into the pipe as possible. When the bag fills with water, it will explode in the pipe, and cause the clog to move. The air pressure one works in a similar way, but it is usually riskier and more expensive.

Note that pressure can easily damage the system, and you should try and steer away from trying this. This is usually the last resort, and should not be tried unless you really believe it can help, and you have the right type of equipment.

To prevent clogging from happening, you need to regularly clean and maintain these pipes. Learn how to do this as soon as you get it installed in your home, and know that the right professional service can help you no matter how serious the damage is, or how bad the clog is.