7 Garage and Shed Lighting Tips and Guidelines

A garage or shed space is used for parking vehicles, storing necessary items, automobile repairing, etc. It is crucial to install proper lighting fixtures for better illumination of that area. Adequate lighting helps make things visible, and one can easily do any task. Like your house, you must take care of the garage space lights to prevent injuries if you fall there.

Before installing bulbs in your shed, you must keep various things in your mind, like visibility, safety, etc. In the following write-up, we will discuss various tips and guidelines for lighting that you must install in your garage.

With safety, you need to enhance the area by making it look beautiful and well-organized. It is possible only when there is enough light to properly see things and manage them. Too much illumination can strain your eyes, and you must take care of it. Let us explore some tips and decorate the shed with proper lighting.

1. Pick Lights of Right Color Temperature

Before installing any light, you must have knowledge of the color temperature. Different types of bulbs emit light at different temperatures. You can measure it by Kelvin. The available range to measure the color temperature is between 1000 Kelvin to 10000 Kelvin.

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If you want to install lighting in a commercial garage, you must prefer bulbs with a color temperature that ranges from 4000 to 7000 Kelvin. It helps illuminate the walls of the garage and provides enough visibility to that area. It will also give an excellent, stimulating effect that can keep you alert and enhance your concentration level.

2. Use Light Fixtures for a Grid System

To get uniform lighting, the grid system is used. All the lights are switched on at regular intervals. The primary aim of using this system is to eliminate the shadows and enhance every corner. When it comes to the overall appearance, the grid system looks perfect in a commercial garage.

If you have a small space for parking vehicles, then also you can install it. But you have to keep the fixture in an irregular space. You have to determine the number of bulbs that you have to install in your shed. Make sure that you cover the entire space and illuminate the whole area.

3. Select Quality Lights

Initially, you have to invest more money in selecting and installing quality lights in your garage. You will get plenty of options when you explore different types of lights. But you should always avoid cheap lights. It will not only look bad in the shed, and it will not work for many days.

You have to reinvest your money in buying new lights, which is hard to afford again. Before you purchase any bulb, you must always check the warranty period and how many hours it can last. Under the warranty period, you can replace the bulb and get the new one. Once you invest in a quality product, you do not have to reinvest.

4. Use Motion Sensors or Dimmers

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Instead of keeping the lights on in the garage all the time, you must keep them off for certain hours to save energy and bulb life. For that, you must install motion sensors and dimmers to control the light intensity in the garage space. When no one is in the shed, the lights will automatically turn off or dim.

There is also a feature of controlling the light intensity. The light intensity will decrease during the daytime, and at night, it will increase. In this way, you can save money on energy bills and manage proper lighting in your garage. If you are doing some work and need adequate illumination, changing the settings and getting ample light is easy.

5. Measure the Garage Space

Before you install lights in your garage, make sure that you measure the entire space. You must mark the areas where you have to install the lights and need better illumination. You must also measure the light intensity that is enough for corners and specific regions.

Once you measure the entire space, it will be easy for you to install lights as per your requirement. There are different light types, and they work differently. You have to calculate the number of lumens to illuminate specific square feet of space. You can buy ceiling lights and others from anyoldlights.com.

6. Pick High-CRI Bulbs

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The color rendering of light is quite a necessary thing to check. The highest index value is 100, and you should prefer between 85 to 100. The index value is quite different in the available bulb types. For your garage, you must check the rendering index.

Ensure that you choose the appropriate one and install it in your shed. This factor is crucial to check to get perfect illumination in the garage space. The proper color effect helps in making things quite visible, and it can let you do all the work that you want to do.

7. Incorporating the Natural Light

If you do not have enough budget, then you should install windows to incorporate natural light. During the daytime, the sun shines, and your garage space will illuminate automatically. In this way, you can also save money on bill expenses.

It is possible to get ample brightness in the area where you park your vehicles. If you want to do some repairing work, you can easily choose the daytime when you can use the sunlight to do your work.

The Bottom Line

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If you plan to install lights in a garage, you must keep all the guidelines and tips in mind. It is not easy to find the suitable types of lights that suit your garage space. It is quite necessary to install adequate amounts of light sources to get proper illumination.

Undoubtedly, you must experiment with different lighting sources and pick the ones that fulfill your requirements. Therefore, understand the lighting requirements in your garage and install the suitable ones for perfect illumination.