8 Tips and Tricks for Garden Easter Decoration

Easter is the perfect opportunity to bring spring into your home. Primarily, your responsibility will be to decorate your garden in an attractive way and get into the festive spirit. Depending on your theme for a particular vision you have in mind, there are many ways in which you can begin the decoration. Whether you plan on buying it from the store or just improvising at home, the decoration should speak for itself. This article will tell you all about the perfect garden Easter decoration. So, have a look at some of the tips and tricks to help you out:

1. Go Floral

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There is no particular color associated with Easter, like Red and Green are used for Christmas. Since there is no association, you will have more creative liberty when it comes to decoration. When you are using flowers, the biggest responsibility is to keep them as fresh as possible during the festive season. A more sustainable idea will be to buy flowering plants and arrange them in a way that will give appeal to your garden all year long.

Then you can also choose to contact your nearby florist and have them supply floral decorations every couple of days and keep replacing them until Easter comes and passes. A floral theme is perfect if you plan to have garden activities like brunch. Floral decorations will look perfect on the table and also on the fence of your garden.

2. Incorporate Ribbons

The ribbons will tie the entire decoration together depending on how you use them. There is the trademark Red ribbon which can give you a rustic feel, but you can also go according to aesthetics and choose ribbons as per your color theme. If you are going with the floral decoration or anything, using ribbons will give an artistic flair and will make your Easter more aesthetically pleasing.

3. Outdoor Picnic

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Since we are talking about garden activities, a great idea will be to have an outdoor picnic with family and friends. The decoration for an outdoor picnic can be as elaborate as you want it to be. You can choose to go with multiple chairs arranged in the garden for better mingling.

Another option is that you can just put blankets on the ground with some comfortable pillows and have a good time as a family. You will have to make sure that accessibility and comfortability are priorities here, so plan the decorations accordingly.

4. Egg Succulents

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One of the main benefits of succulents, in general, is that they are very resistant to different environmental conditions. You can get different types of succulents and use them for decoration. The decoration idea here is to break eggs systematically, so that three-fourths of their shell is intact, which allows for the soil to be planted into them.

In that soil, you will then have to systematically place different succulents so that they can get adequate nourishment while being an excellent decoration for your garden. Since they will not be damaged, you can also put them around the house or in the garden after you are done with Easter preparations. Take some decoration inspo from holyart.com.

5. Floral Tablecloths

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Floral tablecloths can be integrated in different manners based on your approach to decoration. For instance, if you have some time at your hand and you want to do everything yourself, then trying out floral imprinting will be a great activity. Floral imprinting involves using the petals of different flowers and pressing them onto a particular cloth so that they leave their color and print behind.

This will give a very natural design to plain white cloth. Instead of floral imprinting, you can also choose to use fabric paint and do some designing of your own. If you do not have that kind of time or resources, then you can buy a floral tablecloth to go with your theme and give your garden a more fairytale-like look.

6. Simple Designer Eggs

One of the most fun activities of Easter is to paint over the eggshells and make exciting designs or faces. The decorations with eggs in them are a priority, so try to be crafty with your decorations and incorporate eggs. Suppose you are feeling hesitant about using artificial coloring materials on eggshells. In that case, you can try natural ingredients that will allow you to color on the shell-like turmeric, red cabbage, or beetroot.

7. Paper Flowers

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If there is one thing you cannot go wrong with when it comes to Easter decoration is flowers. If you do not have the budget for the time to set up a floral decoration, you can use paper in different colors and make flowers of your own. Crafting is a relaxing activity that will also help you explore a different side of yourself. You can work on the decorations with paper flowers as a family, and it will also count for a good bonding time.

8. Choose Some Nests

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Since we are going as natural as possible with flowers and eggs, it is easy to take a step further and incorporate nests into the design. You can make the nest yourself by using some ropes and grass. If you are not too much of a DIY enthusiast you can try buying nests from a nearby shop that provides decoration for different occasions. Just make sure you do not overdo it with the nests, as minimalism is the key.

The Takeaway

Easter decorations are supposed to be fun for the organizer as well as the person who looks at them. It is your responsibility to make the decorations as simple and appealing as possible without stressing you out too much. If you are planning a group activity, try to focus on the ambiance and choose a theme for better planning. Managing your time by looking at different decorating tips will give you a clear vision of how you want to decorate your garden. Just make sure to incorporate eggs one way or the other.